The Body Book “Women are always comparing themselves and saying why don’t I have that and how do I get that? That energy was such a waste of energy,” said actress Cameron Diaz. “Comparison is such a brutal attack on oneself. We can take all of that energy if we understood all of that and make a better choice.”

Now adding author to her resume, Diaz has written The Body Book. Surprisingly, unlike many stars, Diaz’s book is not centered on a specific diet or a get slim quick method. Instead The Body Book is about educating yourself about your body and using that knowledge to better oneself.

“It’s all about priority. You should always have time for your body. It’s the only body you get,” said Diaz. About two years ago, Diaz began to analyze the constant questions that she received from other women about their body. Despite it being our body Diaz felt that it was odd that no one, including her, really knew how their body works. So it began, the journey to educating herself about how her body works and the things that she can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In effort to help women learn about their bodies, Diaz developed a book that discusses everything there is about the female anatomy and how to best live. “We need to start thinking for ourselves. We need to do something with the knowledge we hold. If I gave you a check list you would just be checking things off instead of using their knowledge and learning more,” said Diaz.

The Body Book is anything but a checklist – it’s a wealth of knowledge. The Body Book mirrors a textbook yet is surprisingly relatable to the average woman. “It’s empowering to go into the world when you know what you want and you’re looking how to get it,” said Diaz. “All you need is an hour to set yourself up for the week. It’s not about going to the gym. It’s about moving. If you’re stagnant then you’re not utilizing the nutrients and fuel,” said Diaz.

Ultimately, through her studies Diaz believes that you must cue your body to use the energy or your body will store the fats instead. You do not have to sustain to strict diets that call for you to consume a certain amount of calories or specific foods. “Advocate for your health. Diets are deprivations. Nutrition tells you what you need. Advocate for being active. Use your body. Use your energy,” said Diaz.

There is no doubt that Diaz has proved to naysayers that she’s not just a pretty face on the big screen. The Body Book provides a wealth of knowledge that can help any woman take control of her body and live a long, healthy and happy life.

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