A study revealed that women's special power is multitasking. A woman's brain activates more of its regions than a man's brain can. This means than they can focus on several tasks at the same time, while a man would prefer sticking to one task at a time.

But with this great power comes great responsibility. And this responsibility should be nourished for the inner self. Joggling with multiple issues at the same time triggers a greater volume of worries. So, women have to be careful how they balance the high-intensity mental activities with stress relievers.

One way to boost women's health is laughter. But the more people go through life, the less they laugh. This is the exact opposite of what they should do, as laughter is a strong rival against anxiety, depression, and stress. So, let's see how laughter has maintained its course to happiness through time.

Direct Ticket to Mental Health

Life is too beautiful to waste it on problems, and laughter is a great supporter of this belief. There are many ways in which laughter improves mental health, and everybody should take advantage of them.

Neurophysiology is the branch of physiology and neuroscience that strongly advocates in favor of laughter's benefits. When people laugh, they facilitate the production of endorphins. And when you say "endorphins," you say "happiness" as this miraculous hormone comes to the rescue whenever you feel pain. Laughter actually has the same results over your nervous system as a quality aerobic session that releases endorphins in your body.

It also loosens up the whole body. It's a natural activity that relaxes the muscles by slowing down the blood pressure and pulse rates for a longer period of time, which leads to a surge of overall well being of the immune system. This is when T cells, which are antibodies that protect the immune system, are released in your body, protecting it from minor health problems, such as colds.

In case you want to improve the quality of your sleep, you should find yourself a good reason to laugh in the evenings. When laughing out loud, your body produces melatonin, a hormone that encourages sleep, which is good for regenerating your mind after a long day filled with psychological stress.

While it is not a sure shot against depression, laughter can still reduce the devastating side-effects of this mental disorder. Finding reasons to laugh at your problems is not a feature of childish behavior, but a smart move toward a happier lifestyle. Worrying about your problems won't find them a solution, but actually finding the positive and fun parts of an issue will diminish the overwhelming feeling a stressful situation induce.

Furthermore, laughter activates at the level of your brain, upgrading it to a higher level of cognitive intelligence. Dr. Lee Berk carried experiments on human behavior, and the result was amazing. Laughter triggered by humor increases the power of gamma frequencies in your brain, which are the brain waves that people create when they intensively meditate. By strengthening these gamma frequencies, people experience a higher memory capacity.

It Improves Physical Health

So, besides the benefits of laughter for the mental health, it also improves the physical health through increased levels of strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Through daily laughter sessions, people become more tolerant to pain. Studies show that a good comedy show that lasts at least 15 minutes increases the pain threshold of the viewer by 10 percent.

Moreover, laughter can be regarded as a quality physical exercise. While it cannot substitute a gym visit as it cannot build muscle mass or tone the body, laughter has other benefits similar to some fitness lessons. A good laughing session leads to physical exhaustion, at least for the abdominal muscles, which cause improved blood pressure and good cholesterol, decreased stress hormones and encourages a healthy appetite. All these are in favor of improved cardiovascular strength. It also energizes body parts like the shoulders, diaphragm, and abdomen.

When you have a hearty laugh, you also learn to breathe correctly. Controlling your breathing means a better quality of your cardio exercises as it is strongly correlated to burning fat. Breathing in a constant way intensifies the calorie burning in the body by pumping a higher volume of the much-needed oxygen in your system. Otherwise, the lack of oxygen causes much harm to your body, like going through a state of dizziness, which will bring any physical exercise to a halt.

Laughter Improves Your Social Life

First off, laughter is an underrated fountain of youth. In a 20 year study, it was noticed an increased lifespan of 7-8 more years in the participants who had a positive mindset. Laughter gives a boost to your self-esteem by improving your own image. The face of a person is the most sensitive body part that gets affected by stressful situations the easiest. The face, neck, and head receive most of the tension triggered by the external stress factors, which speed up the aging process.