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Eating today is not just for survival and nourishment. Instead most people associate food with culture, comfort, entertainment, stimulation, reward and even romance. There are many different dietary regiments that people follow – vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free and many other versions of these. One of the latest dietary regiments to make it mainstream is fruitarians.

Fruitarians tend to view eating more as a form of nourishment rather than an event. While they enjoy delicious items, they are very concerned with what they are putting into their body. There are many varieties of the fruitarian diet. Some people will only eat fruit that has fallen off of the plant or others that didn’t involve any chemicals to assist in growth. Other fruitarians will eat fruit, vegetables and nuts no matter how or where they are grown. They do not believe in eating any items that have animal products or grains.

For the most part, you will be considered a fruitarian if your diet consists of 75% or more of fruit. Fruitarians claim to feel great physically, emotionally and spiritually before, during and after meals.

There are many elements to consider as a fruitarian in order to prolong and make the most out of fruits. Aspects to consider include – organic versus grown with chemicals, local versus imported, price, shelf life and transportability.

Fruitarians must eat a variety of fruits, so they can receive the nutrients necessary for a healthy life. Also, fruitarians must plan their meals appropriately because they usually eat every two to three hours and stop once they are full. Each meal must account for a vital nutrient the body needs.

Famous fruitarian Steve Jobs was known for following the strict fruitarian regiment. Jobs claimed that he was able to live a healthier lifestyle, despite his medical conditions, because of the fruitarian diet that he followed. However, Ashton Kutcher who took on the fruitarian lifestyle fell ill and was rushed to a hospital after he collapsed from issues with malnourishment.

If you’re considering converting to the fruitarian diet, it is recommended that you discuss these changes with your physician. Your new diet will need to include the necessary vitamins and nutrients that are necessary to function. Furthermore, your body can not be subjected to a sudden dietary change without a period of transition.

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