Beliefnet offers many sympathy resources, from unique ecards to helpful articles. Use this collection of sympathy features to help you find the right sympathetic words and the right way to express concern when your friends or family need it most.

How To Express Sympathy

  • Send a Sympathy Card
    Send a message of sympathy with one of Beliefnet's unique ecards.

  • Comforting Words
    Get advice from Fran Johns on what to say to best express your sympathy toward friends or family suffering from serious or terminal illness.

  • Actions Speak Louder
    Rick Rusaw and Eric Swanson show us when sympathetic words won't cut it and actions are necessary to best help another with your sympathy.

  • A Sympathetic Smile
    How exercising tact and conveying sympathy through smiles, comforting touches, or other body language can help those who need you.

    When You Need Sympathy

  • Grief Support Group
    Talk about your feelings of grief and share with other members what has helped you cope.

  • Create a Memorial
    Express your grief with a Beliefnet Memorial.

  • Support Circle for Bereaved Parents
    View an outpouring of sympathy and support from Beliefnet members for a mother grieving the loss of her son and share feelings of your own.

  • Making Loss Matter
    How to find meaning in life's most difficult moments.

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