Carol Staudacher

Grief educator and author Carol Staudacher writes The Journey Through Sorrow, a continuing examination of the adult grieving process:

" If Only I Had.


How can the bereaved overcome feelings of regret?

By Carol Staudacher


Holidays From the Heart

There are ways to turn a season of loss into one filled with meaning.

By Carol Staudacher


Anger: Grief's Irate Companion

Blame and hostility can be barriers to dealing with feelings of loss.

By Carol Staudacher


When a Child Dies

Surviving the death of dreams


By Carol Staudacher

The Grief of Your Dying Loved One

Family and friends can help guide the dying in understanding the range of emotions they experience.


By Carol Staudacher

Why Suicide?

Q&A on the most common and painful question of suicide survivors: Why?


By Carol Staudacher

Surviving a Violent Death

The special challenges of grieving a loved one lost to suicide, accident, or violent crime.


By Carol Staudacher

Next in Line for Death--Or Life?

A parent's death stirs up fears of our own mortality.


By Carol Staudacher

Will My Grief Ever End?

When the pain of grief persists, what can you do?


By Carol Staudacher

What Did You Inherit?

A comforting way to reframe one of the common, tasteless questions people ask the bereaved.


By Carol Staudacher

Q & A: How Do I Find a Support Group?...Plan a Memorial Service?

Answering practical questions about bereavement.


By Carol Staudacher

Q & A: Is my Grief 'Normal'?

Questions and answers about how we grieve.


By Carol Staudacher

The Small "Insanities" of Grief

How the onset of grief can make you wonder if you're losing your mind.


By Carol Staudacher

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