Epiphany in the Hospital Corridor

By Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

As my father lay dying on Christmas, the wail of a newborn jars me into understanding why I was wrong to feel sorry for myself.


Thanksgiving With Grandma

By Ellen Leventry

11/22/2000 A final holiday of fun with the family

Death of a Grandparent

A faith community was there when my kids and I needed it most.


By Jean Fitzpatrick

Casualties of War

A Vietnam Vet reflects on the deaths of men in his platoon--and his responsibility for them.


By Robert Nylen

Death Comes to Paradise

The impending death of a pet prompts thoughts of human mortality.


By Susan Potter Stewart

A Modern Psalm of Loss

A bereaved mother expresses her sorrow and her faith in verse.


By Ann Weems

Prodigal Grief

A bereaved father finds comfort in the parable of the Prodigal Son.


By Richard Wile

My Wife Died Suddenly Last March.


By Bernie Glassman

Daddy has died

A young widow shares her family's experience with sudden loss.


By Debbie Jospin

Eulogy for Alex

"God doesn't go around this world with his fingers on triggers, his fist around knives, his hands on steering wheels."


By Reverend William Sloane Coffin

Everyone Cries in the Same Language

With the "wrong language" and the "wrong religion," a rabbi helped grieving families at the site of the Egypt Air crash.


By Andrea Gouze

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