Grief & Loss

  • The Journey Through Sorrow
    Carol Staudacher, grief educator, consultant, and author, discusses issues of grief as they relate to adults.

  • The Grieving Child & Teen
    Helen Fitzgerald, a pioneeering death educator and author, looks at the grief of teens and young children.

  • Widow's Walk
    Writer, widow and mother Lisa Schamess chronicles a year of her life, mourning her husband, Gil.

  • More On Grief & Loss

    Dying Well
    Information about palliative care, advice on the emotional care and support of the dying, and coping with a terminal diagnosis. More...

    Life After Death
    What happens after we die? Is there life after death? Our writers address these and other questions about the afterlife. More...

    Spiritual & Religious Beliefs
    What the major religious traditions have to say about death and grief. More...

    Personal Reflections
    First-hand experiences and stories of losing a loved one and coping with grief. More...

    How to recognize warning signs in friends and loved ones, and comfort for survivors. More...

    Difficult Choices
    Euthanasia, right-to-die issues, proper burial and other ethical dilemmas. More...

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