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Whether you’re an occasional tourist to unwanted all-nighters or prone to restless nights – losing sleep sucks. Taking pills to help bring you to a dream state is a quick fix, but may leave you feeling just as groggy in the morning. Next time you fear a sleepless night ahead, try raiding your fridge instead of your medicine cabinet with one of these natural alternatives to counting sheep.

Say hello to Mr. Sandman with these foods that serve as natural sleep aids:

Miso tired If you’re feeling really keyed up at the end of the day and have a feeling that those zzz's won’t be coming too easily that night, why not have a bowl of miso soup? This Japanese staple boasts amino acids that help boost melatonin production, so a restful night of sleep will be closer than you thought after consuming a serving of the delicious broth.

Nuts for a good night's sleep

Prone to restless nights tossing and turning in bed? Ditch your usual dessert for a handful of this tasty and satisfying nut. (We know it's not a cookie, but nothing tastes as good as sleep feels, right?) Almonds contain magnesium, which promotes sleep and muscle relaxation, helping you to naturally transition from the alert state that enables you to get through the day to a more restful feeling that will help you find peace once you decide to hit the pillow.

Tryp to dreamland

Like almonds, bananas contain magnesium as well as potassium – vitamins that will help quiet the mind and ease the tension that may have mounted from your day. But the yellow fruit harbors that magical amino acid, tryptophan (also found in turkey), that converts into serotonin and melatonin – key hormones that aid in relaxing the brain.

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