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Do you experience panic attacks and do not know what to do? A person can experience a panic attack when they least expect it. This can cause a great deal of fear and anxiety for the person.

One of the main reasons why people experience a panic attack is because they focus on their scary thoughts and feelings which can cause a lot of anxiety. Sometimes the anxiety can overwhelm you to the point that you have a panic attack. You can not die from a panic attack, however a panic attack can interfere with your daily life and can make you depressed and miserable.

The best way to overcome a panic attack is to learn as much as you can on how to prevent a panic attack from happening and knowing what to do if you do have one. Educating yourself on how to manage your fears and anxieties is the best way of preventing a panic attack from being a factor in your life.

To start things off, here are seven easy steps a person can follow when a panic attack strikes unexpectedly.

Take a Time Out

Some people can get very anxious when everything happens all at once. This can sometimes lead to a panic attack because a person’s anxiety gets out of control. When this happens, a person should take a deep breath and try to find something to do to get their mind off of the problem. A person could take a walk, listen to some music, read the newspaper or do an activity that will give them a fresh perspective on things. Doing something will get your mind off of the problem that is causing your anxiety. Taking a break can help prevent your anxiety from overwhelming you.

Picture a Red Stop Sign

A person should visualize a red stop sign in their mind when they encounter a fear provoking thought. When the negative thought comes, a person should think of a red stop sign that serves as a reminder to stop focusing on that thought and to think of something else. A person can then try to think of something positive to replace the negative thought. This will help the person from dwelling on scary and worrisome thoughts which could cause a panic attack. Remember it is the fear behind the thoughts that make you anxious. If you can ignore the fear behind your negative thoughts you will increase your chances of not getting a panic attack.

Read Positive Statements

Another technique that is very helpful is to have a small notebook of positive statements that makes you feel good. Whenever you come across an affirmation that makes you feel good, write it down in a small notebook that you can carry around with you in your pocket. Whenever you feel depressed, open up your small notebook and read those statements. It is also important that you take your notebook with you when you leave home. If you start to experience a panic attack when your at work or at a social event, you can take out your small notebook and start reading it to help calm you down. It is also important that you make copies of your notebook just in case.

Focus on the Present and Not the Future

Remember that no one can predict the future with one hundred percent certainty. Even if the thing that you are afraid of does happen there are circumstances and factors that you can’t predict which can be used to your advantage. For instance, let’s say at your place of work that you miss the deadline for a project you have been working on for the last few months. Everything you feared is coming true. Suddenly, your boss comes to your office and tells you that the deadline is extended and that he forgot to tell you the day before. This unknown factor changes everything. Remember that we may be ninety-nine percent correct in predicting the future, but all it takes is for that one percent to make a world of difference. Don’t waste your energy on trying to predict what may happen down the road.

Challenge Your Negative Thoughts

Challenge your negative thinking with positive statements and realistic thinking. When encountering thoughts that make you feel fearful or depressed, challenge those thoughts by asking yourself questions that will maintain objectivity and common sense. For example, you're afraid that if you do not get that job promotion then you will be stuck at your job forever. This depresses you, however your thinking in this situation is unrealistic. The fact of the matter is that there all are kinds of jobs available and just because you don’t get this job promotion doesn’t mean that you will never get one. In addition, people change jobs all the time, and you always have that option of going elsewhere if you are unhappy at your present location. Replacing your negative thoughts to something positive can reduce your chances of having a panic attack.

Learn From Your Experiences

In every anxiety-related situation you experience, begin to learn what works, what doesn’t work, and what you need to improve on in managing your fears and anxieties. For instance, you have a lot of anxiety and you decide to take a walk to help you feel better. The next time you feel anxious you can remind yourself that you got through it the last time by taking a walk. This will give you the confidence to manage your anxiety the next time around. Learning how to manage your anxieties and fears is very important in preventing panic attacks in your daily life.

It is important to talk to a qualified professional in order to learn how to survive a panic attack. A person can talk to a mental health counselor or they can talk to their priest or minister on how to deal with a panic attack when it strikes. By talking to a professional, a person will be helping themselves in the long run because they will become better able to deal with any panic attacks that may occur in the future. It is also important that you write down what the professionals tell you so you don’t forget what they said down the road. Once you get the information you need, the next step is to apply what you have learned. Remember that it never hurts to ask for help when it comes to dealing with your anxieties and fears.

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