Woman having panic attackEveryone can relate to being stressed. With so many different things going on in life, from time-to-time it can be difficult to balance everything 24/7. When you find yourself overwhelmed, there are some easy steps you can implement to avoid spiraling into a panic attack. Overcoming a panic attack essentially means reinventing your response system’s course of action. Once you’re able to avoid and modify your responses you’ll discover a newfound sense of relief.

Acknowledge the issue at hand

Instead of bottling your anger and concerns inside, acknowledge the reality at hand. Identify and evaluate your feelings – are you angry, distressed or perhaps you’re scared. Accept the reality that is present in your life and identify how certain reactions can contribute to your stress levels. Work with yourself and the truth – find a way to stay level headed and identify the measures you’ll need to take to feel better.

Give yourself time to sort things out

Remember when you’re in the heat of the moment you may act irrationally and react in an inappropriate way. Your abrupt actions will only make the situation worse and cause you to regret your impulsive measures. Instead of jumping into action, pause on your recourse and give yourself ample time to calm down. Find an activity that will calm you down and if that doesn’t work then jot down your thoughts. Don’t wait until later to journal your panic episode down, put your frustrations into words in the moment so that you can identify with the frustrations firsthand.


You’ve already surpassed the worst of everything and are on your way to avoiding a panic attack. Find an exercise that will help you self heal. Try belly breathing, talking to yourself, exercise, or proceed with life. A panic attack can cause you to act out prematurely and sometimes the best cure is to live your life. If you’re able to proceed without anymore issues, it can safe to say that it’s all a psychological measure that you’ve planted into your reaction method.


Depending on the situation, sometimes you’ll need to repeat your process. If the situation is minor you may not need to repeat your steps however, if you haven’t calmed down then it’s safe to say you’re in need of further help. Don’t think of repeating these instances as an unsuccessful attempt – instead view the situation as a work in progress and continue to forge forward.

The end

Know when it’s time to lay a situation to rest. In the heat of the moment, your emotional reactions may seem legitimate. However, it’s necessary to identify when you’re in need putting an end to things. Find a conclusion that will help you feel better and look for ways you can improve your assessment process.

It’s very important to understand that panic attacks are completely normal. No one is able to overcome these instances with one or two tries – it’s definitely a process that will take time with the proper diligence and commitment. In addition, it’s critical to know that the benefits of being panic free will provide you with the tools to live a long and healthy life – free from worry and constant stress.

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