To break a negative pattern that repeats over and over again, whether it’s a big pattern such as, “I always pick the wrong man,” to a little pattern such as, “I always seem to forget to call so and so” (because I really don’t want to), both have a common thread in that it is some form of resistance to being in the flow of magic and feeling powerful.

Every negative pattern has its root in some belief in limitation, whether others gave it to you, such as your well intentioned mother telling you that, “You can’t trust men,” because she happened to end up with a womanizing alcoholic drunk, as in the first example of, “I always pick the wrong man.” Or it is born out of some prior experience where you made up a limiting belief of your own, such as “whenever I talk to that person, we always get into an argument; therefore, I don’t want to talk to them,” as in the second example of, “I always forget to call so and so.”

Beliefs are powerful things. I’m sure you’ve heard the concept that thoughts are things and that everything has a vibration or frequency. If thoughts are things, then they also have a frequency. You’ve probably also heard that like attracts like. So the thoughts you are putting out there are attracting like things unto themselves. Well, your beliefs are thoughts that something is true and will attract to you what you believe. Your beliefs set up the parameters of what you will experience.

You will not experience something outside of what you believe. That is why by your belief that, “You can’t trust men,”— you can go to a party and across a crowded room, you never seem to be able to find a valiant man, but you have an uncanny ability to pick out and be attracted to the only“heel” there. How powerful is that? It is also why you conveniently forget to call that person because there is a belief that if you talk to them there is going to be a big hassle based on a cause and effect relationship that you have put on the situation and you don’t want to deal withit.

You hear people say, “I would not believe it if I didn’t see it.” Well, it’s the other way around. The reason you saw it was because you believed it and the proof serves to reinforce your beliefs and patterns which keeps them in place and keeps them happening over and over again.

So, how can you break out of negative patterns caused by beliefs that repeat over and over? These patterns can only be broken in the following ways:

  1. First of all you have to own that you are the creator of your reality. This puts you into your own power and takes you out of victim consciousness.
  2. You must also own that you created the pattern out of the acceptance that you had of a limited belief made available to you by others or one that you made up for yourself.
  3. Whenever a negative pattern that repeats itself shows up, thank the universe for showing you this pattern again because now you have the opportunity to recognize, “I am not creating my own reality, or I am pretending not to create my own reality and here’s a place where I can take my power back and I can make a new choice.”
  4. Now, from a powerful reality creator position, change your belief by realizing for example that that was your mother’s belief of her reality that she gave to you and you decided to accept it because if you analyze it, that belief isn’t true. The reality is there are men out there who are good and true and faithful but by your belief, you will never meet them. Realize that the only reason you are getting theensuingoutcomeis because through the Law of Attraction, the universe if fulfilling your belief. So, do whatever you need to do to change the belief that isn’t serving you.In my practice, I teach people how to access their Subconscious and Unconscious Minds where beliefs are stored and I teach them how to replace their current belief with a new belief.
  5. With your new belief in place, make a different choice and with your intention, inform the Universe that this is your new choice. This will break you out of the old pattern.

And as like attracts like, your reality will have no other alternative but to reflect back to you your new belief. Yes, beliefs are powerful things.

Suzane HosangSuzanne Hosang lives in Florida with her husband, daughter and a host of animals. In addition to her practice, she has written An Awakening, Mapping Your Dream, Volume 1. For more information, visit www.suzannehosang.com.

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