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While the term "emotional intelligence" first appeared in a 1964 paper, Daniel Goleman's 1995 book, Emotional Intelligence, catapulted the term into widespread use. Put simply, the concept helps us recognize how emotions affect behavior and how to adjust our reactions in stressful situations. Learning how to work with your emotions bridges the gap between your beliefs and actions.

Emotions are not separate from behaviors. In fact, neuroscience research has shown that emotions are the foundations of thinking; feelings arise before thoughts. Emotions are the catalyst for behavior, so it makes sense that they'd influence how we act.

The Emotional Intelligence & Decision-Making Bundle is a great place to start. This 10-course bundle is on sale now for just $34.99.

The introductory course explains the fundamentals of EQ over 38 lessons. You'll gain insights into other people's emotions, learn how to improve relationships, and recognize how to better understand your own emotions and habitual behavioral patterns.

You'll also learn an essential skill: conflict management. In this 68-lesson course, you'll be taught how to build rapport, listen, and understand empathy. Emotions are the drivers behind anxiety and stress. In another knowledge-packed course, you'll be given all the tools to build your emotional resilience. Learning how to adapt to stressful situations is a skill everyone needs in all facets of life. And yes, of course EQ plays a big role in decision-making. One 53-lesson course asks you to investigate your rationality in decision-making, your objectiveness when working with others, and your problem-solving skills.

The Emotional Intelligence & Decision-Making Bundle is taught by Robin Hills, an emotional intelligence coach, trainer, and facilitator with over 35 years of business and commercial experience. The author of The Authority Guide to Emotional Resilience and The Authority Guide to Behaviour in Business, Hills has taught over 57,000 students the art of EQ.

The Emotional Intelligence & Decision-Making Bundle - $34.99

Master Your Emotions

The Emotional Intelligence & Decision-Making Bundle is on sale now for just $34.99, a 96 percent discount from the list price.

Price subject to change.

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