With time comes wisdom, in almost every corner of life. We make mistakes, learn from them, and grow from them.

Beliefnet asked our readers what lessons they've learned from their battles with depression and would share with others. Read on for their answers and suggestions to help you heal, day by day.

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Three Lessons to Remember

I've learned to:

-Enjoy growing older. Celebrate the crone part of your life. Having birthdays is alway better then the alternative.

-Make animals a part of your life. Animals will always love you no matter how crabby you may be.

-Let people know you love them and care for them before it's too late. Actions mean more then words when it comes to showing how you care for someone.

- nightwitch 

Reach Out to Others

I've found that helping other people makes me forget my own problems. If you make ONE person happier than they were before they talked to you, your entire life has been worth living.

- RiverMoonlady 

Celebrate Your Achievements

I've learned that what matters is what you've achieved with the life that you've been granted.

 - lapatosu 

Surround Yourself with Love

I've learned that just having people around you that care about you - that see you and accept you as someone worthy of help - can be a great boost to your self-esteem.

- DAH54

Trust in a Higher Power

The only advice I have comes from the 12 steps of recovery and that is to let go and let God. He will get you through anything - take my word for it.

 - garywayne1961

Take Baby Steps

The more we look at our life's problems as one huge problem, the more depressing it seems. Instead, try taking one tiny step at a time.
Over time just about any problem, no matter how large, can be resolved.

It doesn't matter where you start. Just start somewhere and take that first step, then another.

- nnn123

Start from Within

I've learned that happiness is an INSIDE job! This may sound hokey to someone who is depressed (as I have been) but it's a good start.

- Amolibri

Live Life in the Now

I've learned to live in the moment instead of feeling anxiety about mistakes I made in the past and fear about the future. I've learned how to stop being afraid to live my life.

 - lovelight6 

Believe in Yourself

Forgive yourself for anything you perceive that you've done wrong. Gratitude is also a great healer - gratitude for what you've done right, gratitude for what you have, what you love and what you will become. You are a work in progress, as we all are.

- stardustiam

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