One of the biggest barriers facing people who want to understand and overcome their depression is the false division Western Medicine makes between body, mind and soul. In the West, depression is considered to be an emotional or mental issue - i.e., a problem of ‘mind.’ But really, God designed people in such a way that all three parts of a person are interlinked.

What that means is that depression can happen for a whole bunch of connected, inter-related reasons, spanning their body, mind and soul. One huge body-related reason why we get depressed is something called the ‘Homolateral Energy State’ (don’t worry if you have no idea what that is – keep reading and you’ll find out everything you need to know about it.) In a nutshell, When a person is in good physical and emotional health, the energy in their body crosses over, from side to side, and from top to bottom, and from front to back. Just the same way as God keeps all the planets circulating around the sun, and planet earth itself spinning on its axis, the energy that makes our bodies 'work' also goes round and round, in a Divinely-orchestrated harmony, right down to the level of our cells and atoms.

BUT - when a person is depressed, that's not what's going on in their bodies. If you could take a picture of a depressed person’s energy, you’d see that instead of crossing-over, their energy appears to be stuck just going straight up and down their body, in a pattern called 'Homolateral'. When someone is stuck in the Homolateral Energy State, this has a number of negative impacts on their health and wellbeing, such as:

• They’ll be operating at 50 percent (or sometimes, even less) of their full energetic capacity.

• They’ll find it much harder to get well, physically, and keep falling back into chronic illnesses.

• They’ll find even simple movements like walking, which are usually incredibly energizing and spirit-raising, very tiring and difficult to do. The reason for this is simple: when a person’s energy is healthy and crossing over, walking is the perfect exercise to keep the energy flowing that way. But when a person’s energy is running parallel lines, then the effort to walk – with the arms and the legs alternating in a ‘cross-over’ pattern – is going against the current energetic flow of the body. It’s like trying to swim upstream--you get tired-out, fatigued and miserable very quickly.

 If you’re at all familiar with the physical symptoms of what’s termed ‘clinical depression’, then one of the most common problems is that heavy-bodied feeling and sense of profound inertia that makes accomplishing even the smallest things (like getting out of bed…) a huge struggle. That zombie-fied feeling is a direct result of being in the Homolateral Energy State.

That’s how Homolateral Energy can impact your physical health, but it can also have a number of negative implications for your mood and emotional state, too. When your energy is consistently Homolateral, you typically feel depressed; you feel very negative and cynical about life; and you’re at much higher risk of feeling chronically exhausted. It’s still a matter of debate as to whether you first get into a Homolateral Energy State, (usually as a result of experiencing a difficult or chronic illness, or some other type of serious chronic or acute stress), and then gets depressed and ill, or vice-versa. But either way, there are some very simple energy medicine exercises that you can do to start to turn your body’s energy around again, and pull your ‘Homolateral’ state of mind into a much healthier and more optimistic pattern. If you regularly do the following exercise, your body should start to feel stronger and more 'connected' back to God and life, and you should also regain the strength and the happiness you need to start healing emotionally from your depression.

Once you’ve got out of the Homolateral Energy State, you’ll find that you naturally have much more of optimism, courage and emotional strength you need to start dealing with the underlying circumstances and issues of your life that spun you out into depression in the first place. Here’s how you perform the ‘How to get out of the Homolateral’ exercise:

1.) Sit on your couch.

2.) Touch the same elbow to the same knee (alternating sides) 12 times.

3.) Then touch the opposite elbow to the opposite knee (alternating sides) 12 times.

4.) Do both sets another two times, ending with alternate sides. Remember, these exercises are NOT about feeling the burn; they're about getting the energy to start crossing over again. If you're ill, or feeling very weak, you can take them as slowly as you need to, and they will still do the job.

Remember that if you've been very Homolateral, or very down and depressed, or ill for a while, you'll need to do these exercises twice a day for at least 40 days, before the improvements really start to hold for any length of time. But with God's help, the improvements will come, and they will stay. With depression currently hitting record levels across the world, it’s vital that we start to understand that it’s not just an emotional or mental issue, but a God-based holistic health one, that is rooted in all three areas of body, mind and soul. The more people start to learn about things like the Homolateral Energy State, how it could be directly causing their feelings of depression, and how to tackle it and return to a healthy physical energy state again, the nearer we’ll all get to finding a true, and truly natural, cure for depression.

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