Highly Reactive

Highly-anxious people are always on-edge which is a manifestation of a nervous system gone haywire. When the fight-or-flight system is active, the brain continually searches for external threats. Someone with hidden anxiety may become startled for no good reason, like when someone calls their name or walks near them. They most likely laugh it off, however it’s something that actually frightens them. Overall they will get spooked easily, and avoid situations such as haunted houses or scary movies.

Possible Depression Symptoms

Some with high-functioning anxiety show signs that more resemble that of a depressed person, because the two illnesses tend to go hand-in-hand. The co-development of anxiety and depression helps explain in some cases why anxious people are often able to “hide” their symptoms. For example, restless sleeping and lack of sociability are both also signs of depression.

Those with hidden anxiety might be seen as completely normal members of society; however inside everything they do is driven by an underlying feeling of fear. High functioning anxiety can really hurt the lives of those that live with it, so it’s important to acknowledge the signs. If you feel that you are living with this problem, don’t be afraid to seek out professional help. Managing your anxiety can be easier than you think.