Screenwriter Will Reiser, a cancer survivor, wrote 50/50 as a funny and thought-provoking version of his own life experience. The young patient, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, looks to deal with his disease through the help of his friends, including jokester best friend Seth Rogan. It a humorous take on a dire subject, yet not denying the reality of the situation.

Ice Bound

In this rare-worth-watching made for TV movie Susan Sarandon plays a physician doing research in the South Pole. Far away from any civilization, she realizes that she may have breast cancer and must communicate with doctors across the miles in order to treat herself. A moving story of survival on all fronts, this one is not to be missed.

Dying Young

Hilary and Victor are a young couple in love, but Victor has Leukemia. The movie tells the story of their romance and the tough road he follows to try to deal with his cancer. It’s a story about the power we all have to lift each other up, and about why it’s important to never give up hope.

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