sickTechnology is progressively changing the world in every forum thinkable – especially in the medical realm. The days of calling the doctor’s office to make an appointment and sitting in a waiting room for an extended amount of time is no longer an only option. Many insurance companies now offer virtual doctor visits obtainable through an app.

Obviously a virtual doctor’s visit does not replace an annual examination. Nor should it be utilized if a patient is suffering from never before experienced symptoms. However, if you’re suffering from a cold that usually requires the standard antibiotic then a virtual appointment is considerable. Last year, Doctor on Demand raised $21 million and announced a partnership with insurance provider United Healthcare. The app connects patients with board-certified doctors, psychologists and lactation consultants 24 hours a day from a pool of about 11,000 professionals. The company, Doctors on Demand, was started by Phil McGraw, Jay McGraw and Adam Jackson in 2012. Like similar sites, Doctors on Demand, advises patients that their physicians do not treat chronic conditions including cancer.

Virtual doctor visits help alleviate waiting room lines and keep other patients out of the emergency room. Many ill patients will go to an emergency room or an after-hours doctor facility for minor complications such as pink eye or hives. However, the power of technology allows these patients to stay home and simply use their device (phone, tablet, or webcam) to visit with a physician. And the best part is if a prescription is required, doctors have the ability to send medications directly to your local pharmacy.

With the success of virtual visits many more insurance companies are uniting with similar companies to offer these services. MDLIVE is another company that offers their health services via their app. Their Telehealth solutions provide users with the opportunity to research doctors and view ratings left by other patients. In addition, the co-pay to see a physician virtually is the same as a walk-in visit with your doctor.

Live Health Online is another app receiving a lot of traffic since their partnership with Optima Health carriers. They also advertise their services for commonly treated conditions such as cough, cold, minor rashes, allergies, diarrhea, ear pain, fever, flu, headache and pink eye. There is a wide range of doctors available across the nation and the site offers health tips to educate patients on what to watch out for and healthy living tips that they should incorporate into their everyday lifestyle.

It’s amazing how technology has and continues to impact the medical field. The ability to virtually visit a doctor helps people all over the United States. Not only is it convenient, but it also helps alleviate the traffic that doctor offices receive on a daily basis for conditions that can be easily treated.

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