Looking to combat belly fat? Here are six ways to get started.

The official terminology of "belly fat" is called central obesity.  Belly fat is not only unattractive, it can be deadly. It can become a precursor to hypertension, stroke or diabetes.

1. Get some sleep. Lack of sleep can slow the growth hormone could cause muscle breakdown. When we lack sleep, our metabolism slows down causing fat to be stored.

2. Consume grapefruit three times a week. This increases metabolism and has a high amount of fiber to make you feel full.

3. Choose to consume blueberries, raspberries and cherries that are high in antioxidants.

4. Drinking up to five cups a day of green tea to fight abdominal fat. Catechins are found in green tea and red wines. These compounds support the loss of abdominal fat.

5. Moderate exercise can cut down on visceral fat. Try walking for three days a week or work in your yard to stay active. There is no “quick fix” for belly fat.

6. Watch your stress. Stress can increase cortisol and can lead to weight gain. Try increasing your Vitamin C when under stress to combat the negative effects of stress and poor eating.

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