Good hygiene starts with washing your body daily. But are you giving each area the right amount of attention it needs? Places like under our nails or behind our ears are usually forgotten about in our daily routines. When left too long, bacteria, germs, and odor can build up or cause health issues. Here are some of the body parts you need to be cleaning more thoroughly.


You might wash your hair every day, but are you cleansing your scalp too? It is important to massage and scrub your scalp to avoid buildup of dead skin cells which body mites and bacteria love to eat. Additionally, all your hair care products will build up on your skin and cause oily scalp issues. Massaging your scalp with just warm water will increase blood flow and help to manually brush off dead skin cells. Without doing so, you can have a scalp that is itchy, red, flaky, or full of dandruff.

Under Fingernails

We all understand the importance of washing our hands for 20 seconds after using the restroom, before preparing food, or anytime you sneeze. But if you are not also scrubbing your nails then you are only doing half the job. All sorts of food and fecal bacteria get caught under your nails and colonize there. To really get your nails clean, take a cotton swap and soak it with warm, soapy water. Swab it under your nails to gently remove bacteria and debris. Keeping your nails short will also help prevent bacteria from thriving.


Your back will get wet during a shower and have shampoo run down it. However, it needs more attention than just that. Invest in a back scrubber to clean and exfoliate the skin that is hard to reach. You can use a bath sponge, loofah, or washcloth to get the job done. This is also very important to do daily if you have acne on your back or have more oily skin. Scrubbing your back will reduce buildup and leave you with healthier skin.

Behind Ears

This old phrase your mom probably said to you is right! The area behind your ears is warm and recessed, leaving it open to germ buildup and growth. If the area is not cleaned regularly it can produce a musty odor. After a shower, make sure to pat dry the area so that moisture does not get trapped and cause more bacteria growth. If a smell still lingers, make sure to wipe behind your ears after any intense physical activity. Additionally, check to ensure any piercings are clean and healthy.

Belly Button

No matter the shape of your belly button, it is likely you are not focusing enough attention on keeping it clean. Belly buttons are warm with crevices that make it easy for bacteria to hide and grow. Sweat is also likely to build up inside. To keep it clean, swap your belly button with a small cotton swap or washcloth that is soaked in warm soapy water or alcohol. If you have a belly button that is pierced, it is even more crucial that you wash it regularly so that it does not get infected.


When looking at dental hygiene, most people know to brush their teeth and floss daily. However, most dentists say that people do not give enough attention to cleaning their tongue specifically. They might think that using mouthwash is sufficient, but that is not the case. The tongue has a lot of small ridges and bumps that hide bacteria, making your breath smell horrible. Long term neglect can even cause tooth damage. Brush your tongue with your toothbrush or tongue scraper to really make your smile glow.

Groin and Buttocks

If you sit at work all day, sweat while you are sleeping, or don’t change out of your workout clothes right after exercise, there is a chance you have experienced butt acne, bacterial infections, or the like. Good hygiene means keeping the area free of sweat buildup and washing with warm water daily. The area can also be prone to ingrown hairs so be very sensitive when cleaning or shaving. Always use a gentle soap so that you don’t irritate the sensitive skin.


Many people ignore cleaning the bottom and sides of their feet, because they think running water and soap from the shower sliding down will suffice. This is not the case. It is important to wash your feet and scrub them with a pumice stone regularly to get feet smooth and soft. It also clears off fungus that will cause athlete’s foot. Feet are prone to extra sweat if you do not wear socks or only wear sandals, so extra care is needed to ensure they stay fresh.

A lot of people think a quick shower will get them clean and fresh as long as they wash their armpits. However, there are certain areas of the body that need more attention in order to stay healthy. Make sure you incorporate washing each of these body parts during your daily routine so that you are always smelling great and feeling rejuvenated.

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