Over the last couple of days, I’ve been sharing my “Ten Commandments of Dieting that Your Doctor Will Never Tell You.” The first two commandments to permanent weight loss success are Thou shalt not worship food as your god and Thou shalt not worship a false image. Now, here’s the third:

3. Thou shalt not murder.

“Got fat?” If you do, fat has you, too—by the throat! Can you feel fat choking you?

Fat is a felon—guilty of millions of murders. Let me spell it out clearly: F-A-T K-I-L-L-S. Being fat is like holding a lit stick of dynamite in your mouth. It’s only a matter of time before it blows your health and dreams to bits.

More than 30 diseases are a result of carrying excessive fat, including horrific ones such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, diabetes, stroke and heart disease. Sudden death by heart attack is not an admirable way to die, particularly when you don’t get to say goodbye to your loved ones. Studies even show that excessive fat may even make certain cancers more aggressive.

Your eating habits may be killing you, but are they also killing your family? I see a day coming when parents may be prosecuted for creating overweight children. Whether we want to admit it or not, parents are physically abusing their kids when they cause them to become fat because it predisposes the kids to so many awful diseases.

My dad said something profound to me: “Kids are the only family members that make you feel like royalty every time they see you.” My point is that putting precious children in harm’s way (which includes smoking around them) is never acceptable. Coupled with the emotional abuse that fat kids suffer from peers, it can be a deadly combination.

It’s simple: we can choose to dig our graves with our forks, or we can choose to protect ourselves and families.

To force my mind to make the right decision, I imagine drowning inside of a supersized cake. The frosting smothers me as I struggle to gasp for air — I feel the panic in my lungs. It may sound silly, but it works. And we might as well choke to death on cake frosting if our eating is slowly killing our bodies anyway.

Aaron Tabor, MD., is a diet and nutrition expert and book author. You can learn more about his weight-loss philosophy and weight-loss system by visiting DrTabor.com.

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