Over the last several days, I’ve been sharing my “Ten Commandments of Dieting that Your Doctor Will Never Tell You.” So far, I've shared these commandments: 1. Thou shalt not worship food as your god; 2. Thou shalt not worship a false image;and 3. Thou shalt not murder. The fourth commandment: 

4. Thou shalt not steal.

Would you trade your child or grandchild for a cookie? Is overeating more valuable than your family time? Is being fat more important than your friends?

We are being selfish when we place pleasure from overeating before our families and loved ones. Here’s why: When we choose to destroy our health and energy, it will eventually kill or debilitate us, therefore we steal valuable time away from our families and friends. Do we choose a great life with our children and grandchildren, or do we choose to be a bedridden financial and emotional burden on them?

We have a critical psychological decision to make at the start of every day. Do we choose to walk toward a great-looking and long-lived body today, or toward a saggy, fatigued, ugly and short-lived life? Do we choose to “die” to our old selves daily, or do we choose to just die?

We have to make this choice every day.

Irresponsible food and restaurant companies are literally profiting off your disability and death.

Will you choose to continue helping them profit from your suffering?

Here’s a better question: Can you hear your children saying: “Don’t eat so much, mommy and daddy. I don’t want you to die and go away. I need you here!”?