"Many people want to change some aspect of their lives. Others prefer to transform their lives by making significant, lasting changes. Transforming your life involves going beyond the way you live, co-creating a better life for yourself, and changing the way you live. You do this by using your thoughts, visualization, words, faith, actions, or a combination of them. You use them to change some of what is happening within you and in your life, to co-create what you truly desire, and to live differently.” (Excerpt from Transform Your Life: 7 Steps to a Better Life.)

Transforming your life is a process that begins from within and results in significant changes in you and your life. As you change, your life will also change. You will have a better life and you will enjoy your life more.

Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life and have it to the full” (John 10:10). Yet, some Christians struggle to have this full life and or do not enjoy their lives for various reasons. Some of these reasons include mistakes, the work of others in their lives, insufficient faith, and not spending enough quality time with God. There are others who want to enjoy their lives more, but are not sure what to do. Sometimes they make progress and then go back to their old way of life. If you follow these 7 steps, you will transform your life and enjoy it more.

1. Build and maintain a strong, burning desire

We all desire things in life to satisfy our wants and needs. Desire is the driving force that propels us to achieve our goals. If you really want to transform your life and enjoy it, you can set this as one of your major goals. To achieve this goal, you must have a strong, burning desire that is like a fire lit within you and you must maintain it until your life is transformed and you enjoy it.

2. Engage in transformative learning

Transformative learning is about changing how you think and the thoughts you think. It involves changing your perspective and acting from a new, more empowering perspective. As the apostle Paul noted, "Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind" (Rom. 12:2). One of the best ways to renew your mind and transform your life is by engaging in transformative learning.

3. Change your self-concept

Our self-concept is a set of beliefs we have about ourselves. There is a tendency to believe who others tell us we are and this can limit us. Have you ever asked yourself, "Who am I?" You are not your name. You are not your job title. You are not your body. You live in a body. What do you think about yourself? For many, these are deep questions. Spend some time finding out who you really are and then change the concept you have of yourself to that of the real you. When you do this, you will change, and when you change your life will also change. You will enjoy your life more.

4. Understand some basics of the co-creation process

You may have heard others say that you create your reality. Do you really believe this? We do not create anything. We are co-creator and we bring things into existence together with God and others. We co-create both good and undesirable things and events for ourselves and others. If you understand some basics of the co-creation process, this will help you to transform your life and enjoy it more.

5. Co-create your better life

After you understand some basics of the co-creation process, take the time to plan the rest of your life. You can develop a strategic plan for your life. A strategic plan outlines where you are now, where you want to go, and how you intend to get there. It includes things like your mission, vision, and your major goals for the key areas of your life, such as health, wealth, success, and your relationship with God and others. Write down your plan and take action to achieve your goals. The sooner you start, the faster you will get more of them. Plan to have a better life, full of the desires of your heart. Plan to enjoy every day of your life.

6. Start living differently

To start living differently you have to start thinking, talking, and acting differently and continue doing so until your life is transformed. Implement your plans, monitor them and evaluate them on a regular basis. Revise them if you need to. Every step you take in the right direction gets you closer to your desired destination. Remember to enjoy and celebrate the progress you make to your desired destination.

7. Be grateful

Many of us have a lot to be grateful for, including things we take for granted. Having eyes to read and access to the internet are among our many blessings. What do you have to be grateful for today? Who can you thank for a blessing you received recently? Gratitude releases endorphins in your body and this makes you feel good. It helps you cope with stress and it is good for your health. Gratitude opens doors in your life for receiving more -- for yourself, and to share with others. Remember to appreciate and thank God and others for all the blessings you receive. This will help you enjoy your life more.

Transforming your life can be challenging, yet exciting and rewarding. If you want a much better life with more of the things you truly desire, then take some action today to start doing so. Not only will you transform your life, but you will also enjoy it more.

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