This coming fall, the PBS program Frontline will air a groundbreaking film on Parkinson's Disease, the degenerative neurological disorder that currently affects at least one million Americans. The filmmaker, longtime television and radio producer Dave Iverson, explores the story of this disease from many angles, ranging from the medical to the personal (Dave himself is in the early stages of Parkinson's) and the moral, wrestling as a Catholic with how he feels about the embryonic stem cell research that may hold clues as to how to cure the disease.

Here, you can explore clips from the program, which we will continue to update as the air date nears.

  • What is a Stem Cell?
    Dave visits a Harvard University lab to see one up close.
  • Learning to Walk Again
    Dave meets a man who has taken both literal and figurative strides against Parkinson's.
  • The Symbolism of 'The First Pill'
    Dave struggles with what the beginning of his own medical treatment means.

  • Have You Ever Seen a Stem Cell?

      One Step Forward

    The First Pill

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