If you are feeling burned out, frustrated, disconnected, and/or overwhelmed, it is a good time to plan a conference with your spirit. Even If you have been nurturing your spirit daily, a conference with your spirit is a good idea so that you can deepen this connection. Choose a place where you can go to get away from the daily grind and spend some quality time meditating and connecting with your spirit. You can choose to take a day, a long weekend, or a week. You might go away to a favorite vacation spot or simply go to a local park. The details of where and how long are not as important as your commitment to connecting with your spirit.

Time to BE
A conference with your spirit is not simply a vacation – it is more than that. It is a time to slow down and BE. It is time to make the journey inside and connect with your core self – your essential spirit. Try not to plan too many activities on your trip so that you can appreciate the deliciousness of BEing instead of Doing. Make time to meditate frequently through the day. This doesn’t have to be in a formal sitting meditation. You might choose a mindful meditation practice (see my article on mindfulness meditation) while you walk. Enjoy your surroundings and the beauty that is around you. Stop and smell the roses – literally.

Lighten up
It is important to enjoy yourself and have fun during your conference with your spirit. Laughter and playfulness are great ways to connect with your essential spirit. Find activities that help you feel child-like and playful.

Ask for guidance
A big part of your spiritual retreat is to be quiet and still so that you can ask for guidance from your essential spirit. Your essential spirit is your storehouse of infinite wisdom. This is the time to evaluate where you are in your life and where you want to go. Look at each of the major life areas (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, financial, work, etc.) and ask yourself if your actions are in line and in accordance with your soul purpose. If you are not yet sure of your soul purpose, ask for clarification about this. It is time to look inside for your guidance and answers. After all, everything you need to succeed is inside of you.

Asking for guidance from your essential spirit is the first step. Listening is the next step. When you allow yourself to BE present in the moment, you will be able to hear that quiet, still voice inside – that is your intuitive voice. Be aware that answers can come in many forms – thoughts, feelings, hunches, coincidences…be open to receiving. Pay attention to how you feel and what is happening around you. Your answer may be in the butterfly that lands on a flower near you or an image that flashed in your mind’s eye.

Record your experience
Be sure to take a camera, a journal, and perhaps a digital recorder so that you can capture your experiences.

Staying connected
After your conference with your spirit, the key is to maintain this connection you have forged with your essential spirit.
It is important to take time each and every day to nurture this relationship. It doesn’t have to be complicated or take a lot of time. However, it is important to make this a part of your daily ritual and to set your intention to strengthen and deepen this connection. Take time to look at your photos and journal entries to you remember your conference with your spirit and your experiences.

A regular practice to nurture your spirit combined with periodic conferences with your spirit will allow you to stay connected to your essential spirit. A strong connection with your essential spirit means achieving your highest potential for health, happiness, and success. In addition, this connection will help you develop an unshakable inner peace that allows you to stay centered even in the midst of chaos. This is the secret to developing authentic personal power and creating the life of your dreams.

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