You were born with an incredible gift – one that is so beautiful, so profound, so magnificent that words can only barely begin to describe it. This gift is the spark of infinite wisdom that lives within you. It is that part of you that is eternal. It is the core of who you are, and yet it is possible that you have not begun to realize the full potential of this gift. This spark – also known as your essential spirit – is the key to living the life that you are meant to live. Making a strong and lasting connection with your essential spirit is the key to a life full of health, happiness, and success!

Unfortunately, due to busy, hectic lives, many people are feeling drained, burned out, and disconnected from their essential spirit. If you are one of these people, it is likely that it is time to go on a spiritual retreat…a time to have a conference with your spirit. A conference with your spirit is a planned time away from daily routine to reconnect with your essential spirit more fully. It is a time to BE rather than DO. It is a time to allow the energy and beauty of the earth to wash away any stress/tension. It is a time to be quiet and still in order to hear your intuitive voice. Perhaps, most importantly, it is a time to evaluate where you are and where you are going to make sure you are aligned with your soul purpose.

Even if you are not feeling burned out, it is important to schedule a conference with your spirit at regular intervals. I recently went to Sedona, Arizona, to have an in-depth conference with my spirit. Sedona is one of my most favorite places in the world and an excellent place for me to strengthen my connection with my essential spirit.

An important part of a conference with spirit is to be fully present in the moment. I began my mindful practice as soon as I landed in Arizona. I allowed myself to take in the scenery on the drive from Phoenix to Sedona. The landscape changes frequently on this 115-mile trip and it is a treat to see such variety. Then, as I approached Sedona, the highway curved and the scenery suddenly opened up to the breathtaking red rock vistas that are the hallmark of Sedona. It was a truly an awe-inspiring experience and one that I will always treasure. As soon as I arrived in Sedona, I immediately felt a shift in my energy and my mood. A quiet and peaceful feeling enveloped me and I had a profound sense of tranquility. I immediately felt more connected with my essential spirit.

In order to facilitate the process of conferring with my spirit, I took time to meditate and allowed my stress and tension to melt away. I allowed myself to feel the energy of the earth and indulged in the pleasure of BEing instead of DOing. Each morning I took a walk on one of the many fabulous trails in Sedona. The views of the red rocks were absolutely stunning. Each path was different. Each path offered something new to see and experience. I made an effort to stay present in the moment and to take in every nuance of the experience. There is incredible wisdom in nature and I opened up to absorb this wisdom and connect with my own internal wisdom.

As I stood in one of my favorite places in Sedona, I had a profoundly peaceful and transformative experience. In a clearing near the grand red rock formation, known as Cathedral Rock, there are hundreds of what I call stone gnomes – little piles of stones that have been carefully stacked one on top of the other. These stacks of stones (also known as cairns) are typically used as trail markers; however, in this area they seem to have been built, by the many visitors, as an ever-changing sculpture. When I stood in the middle of these little stone gnomes, I felt like I was in the most magnificent sanctuary. These little gnomes were all facing Cathedral Rock as if in prayer. I stood silently with them in my own state of prayer and reflection. I knew in that one moment that I was connected to everything in the Universe. I knew that I was right where I needed to be in my life. What a wonderful feeling that was!

During my stay in Sedona, I evaluated my various work activities and commitments to see if they were in line with my soul path or purpose. I realized that I had taken on a few things that weren’t really in line with this purpose, so I decided to pull my attention from these activities. Before I agree to take on something new, I typically ask myself if this new activity is in line with my soul path; however, there are times that I find myself saying yes to someone or something before I really evaluate it. These conferences with my spirit, then allow me to weed out what isn’t working or isn’t aligned with my path.

As I returned from this uplifting conference with my spirit, I realized that I needed to renew my commitment to my daily practices to nurture my spirit. While it is certainly easier for me to feel connected and nurture my spirit while on vacation – especially in Sedona, I can choose these feelings whenever and wherever I am. I am responsible for feeling spiritually connected. I can choose to maintain that feeling of deep peace and harmony that I feel when I am connected to my essential spirit.

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