"Spring cleaning" is as much a metaphor for spiritual life as it is an annual chore-ridden project.  In this meditation, clearing out, cleaning up, and deeply cleansing are seen through spiritual eyes, as ways to welcome space, light, and energy into your life and home.

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  1. Breathe in a fresh breath of spring.
    Exhale old, stale energy.
  2. Breathe in clarity.
    Exhale mental clutter.
  3. Breathe in calm.
    Exhale emotional disarray.
  4. Breathe in new possibilities.
    Exhale that which stands in the way of true love.
As your lungs fill with fresh air,
and you exhale tensions and stress,
feel yourself coming into a state of relaxation
where your heart, mind and soul are aligned.

From this place, there is no conflict or worry.

And you know that letting go of things you are attached to
is sometimes the best thing you can do
to free your heart for love...
And clear your space for a new relationship.
It is time to recognize that you hold the key to transforming your love life...

It could be the same key that opens your front door.

Now, see yourself at the door to your home.

Step in...it is filled with sunshine and brightness...and a sense of hope.

Feel your heart and spirit lift as you walk through the door.

There is a special pair of glasses waiting for you, and when you put them on you can see clearly through your spiritual eyes.

Use those glasses to know what items
in your home and life
support your journey toward love...
and which are holding you back in history.

Recognizing these items is the first step
to clearing stale, or negative, relationship energy from your space.

Now breathe in the sunshine and fresh air...as you scan the room...and allow your spiritual eyes to focus on an item that is calling for your attention.
As you identify it, ask yourself:

  1. What does this item mean to me?
  2. How does it make me feel when I look at it?
  3. Is it holding me inappropriately to my past?
If the answer is yes, step up to the item or hold it in you hand and:

  1. Thank it.
  2. Bless it.
  3. Prepare yourself to let it go.

There is a beautiful, big box in the center of the room. It's surrounded by a halo of yellow sunshine.

The inside is lined with healing, welcoming green color.

It has a beautiful pink lid that represents the heart.

It is a special box for items you like and love...but know you must release.

When you are ready, take the item, big or small, and place in the box. It is large enough and expands as needed.

How do you feel once you have let it go?

  1. Liberated and free?
  2. Sad but relieved?
  3. Or Remorseful?
If you feel remorseful, it could be you are not ready to let it go. It is okay to put it back in its place.

But if you are ready, walk over to the box, close the big lid, and as you do...feel a fresh breath of spring rushing all around you. Cleansing you and setting you free.

Feel the warmth of the sun streaming in from the open window.

Congratulate yourself for your willingness to move on. Take a deep breath, and let it out with sigh with relief.

Do this exercise over and over again, with any items in your home, or in your life, that call to you for your attention.

They each have stories to tell about your life...and carry energy that may not be right for the new love life you've chosen.

Remember, you can invite in a fresh breath of spring to help you along...any time of year.

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