Every moment of one’s existence is growing into more or retreating into less.
-Norman Mailer

From "Glamour Magazine," by Lindsey Palmer:

The real reason love lifts you up. Heard about the newly discovered love molecule? Here’s the deal: Italian researchers found that levels of nerve growth factor (NGF)—a natural chemical linked to euphoria— skyrocketed in people in new relationships, then dropped within two years. So, can you reboot your NGF levels? Researchers are still trying to figure that out. Meanwhile, “there are small, everyday things you can do that produce feelings similar to that initial love rush,” says study coauthor Pierluigi Politi, M.D., Ph.D. Think surprises (like a sweet Post-it on his pillow) and trying things together(even just a restaurant or a sport). And who knows? Maybe someone will figure out how to bottle the stuff.

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