Here’s the million dollar question: what are you wanting when you want those potato chips, that chocolate decadence cake?

From "Prevention Magazine," by Kristen Watson:

Double your weight loss. Medication plus education equals success. While we're waiting for a miracle weight loss pill, a new study suggests a way to make an old one more effective.

In a University of Pennsylvania study, doctors divided 224 dieters into groups. Some subjects took Meridia, a prescription drug that increases hormones that make you feel full; they also took classes that taught them how to diet, exercise, and record their efforts in a daily journal. Others only took the drug.

A third group did classes minus Meridia. After a year, those who got Meridia plus classes lost the most: 27 pounds. Those who did the classes alone lost 15 pounds, while the drug-only group lost just 11 pounds.

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