From "The Heartmates Meditation Journal; A Companion for Partners of People with Heart Disease," by Rhoda F. Levin:

Feeling capable after years of meal planning and cooking, I was especially frightened to feel insecure and incompetent in the kitchen (after his heart attack). Diet seemed to have life and death implications.

I thought I had to start over completely, learn to cook in a whole new way. If I didn't throwaway everything in my freezer and count every mg. of salt and cholesterol, I believed Marsh would keel over and die.

I was so anxious I tried to change everything all at once. I wish I had been guided with words like "gradual" and "moderate."

If you and your mate can talk about and plan dietary changes together, you can avoid becoming a nag, a punishing parent, or a culinary cop. Total deprivation of favorite foods will almost always backfire - a little planned "cheating" can go a long way!

Remember: ·

  • Lasting change is accomplished by building habits ... ·
  • Habits are formed over time and with practice ... ·
  • Take small enough steps to succeed ... ·
  • Share intermediate victories ... ·
  • Plan special treats to celebrate success ...
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