When a defining moment comes along, you can do one of two things. Define the moment, or let the moment define you.
-Tin Cup

From "365 Energy Boosters," by Susannah Seton and Sondra Kornblatt:

You know who we're talking about-those folks that seem to sap your energy just being in their presence. They do it through their negativity about everything-how much they've been victimized, how you aren't okay, how nothing will ever work out and you shouldn't even try. Pretty soon you're down in the dumps with them, too tired to even put up a fight.

To preserve your energy, you can distance yourself from these people as much as possible. If for some reason that's not possible-it's a relative you see often, for instance-you can tell them you choose to look at things differently because looking on the gloomy side isn't energizing. Or you can disarm them with kindness and positivism: 'Thanks for sharing. I'm holding out the hope that you'll feel better soon, for instance.

What if the energy vampire is you? First you need to become aware of your negativity. Then you need to see that you have a choice-to continue to bring yourself and everyone in your vicinity down by gossiping, judgmental thinking, and pessimism, or begin to choose to focus on what's good and possible in your life.

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