Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.
-Benjamin Disraeli

From "Garden Massage: A New Reason to Love Vegetables," published by Spirituality & Health Magazine:

Nadia Ohar, D.D., shares a service she offers at her women-only spa, called a garden vegetable wellness massage. Her description sounded absolutely delightful, perhaps the best use for cucumbers we've heard of.

I start by using a fresh cucumber to gently roll out the kinks and tension areas on your back while you listen to an array of soft, instrumental music in the background. I heat potatoes and position them on different areas of your back to release any tension in your muscles, while I proceed to use garden carrots to massage the backs of your feet. While you are completely relaxed, I use Goya beans that are made into cotton beanbags and I gently rub in circular motions on each arm and each leg until the process is complete.

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