The world is as interesting as you are curious. So never assume that you know everything; always assume that the world has lots to reveal.
-Ted Jackson

"If Your Child Has Trouble Sleeping" from Spirituality and Health magazine:

Researchers in New Zealand and California noticed a striking similarity between reports of what happens in the "overactive" minds of insomniacs and what creative individuals do while working on a problem. Simply put, both groups are involved in planning and problem-solving. So might insomnia be a sign of creativity?

To find out, Dione Heally, M.Sc., and Marc A. Runco, Ph.D., assembled a group of 30 children who scored above the 92nd percentile on a standard test of creative thinking and a control group of 30 children. Measuring the rate of sleep disturbance in their subjects, the researchers found that there was, in fact, "a significant difference between the two groups--with the creative children reporting more sleep disturbance." So the next time your child can't sleep, take heart. You may be sitting up with a budding genius.

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