When you have nothing left but God, you become aware that God is enough.

From "The Joy of Weight Loss: A Spiritual Guide to Easy Fitness" by Norris Chumley:

What I'm encouraging you to do may seem difficult at first but will prove to be the simplest and most effective way to relieve all your suffering and find deep and lasting joy.

I'm suggesting that you give a gift to your creator. Give the gift of all your problems. Put aside your temporary pleasures of too much food, too much leisure, and inactivity. Let go of your many thoughts of self-hatred and fear. Let go of your ego that's getting in the way of your salvation from obesity. I'm suggesting you give up your troubles, quit fighting, and trade them in for something better. Give up the past and all of your mistaken attempts, as well as the sorrow and pain. Let go of the constant self-pleasure in order to gain something much better-infinite peace and happiness in the arms of your creator, God.

There is such safety, peace, and joy with God: a loving presence, a deep calm of great reassurance. God is available to you always, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 366 days a year. And you don't have to use public transportation to find Him, either!

The truth is that God is ready for you. You are already with God; you are just avoiding Him. All that needs to be done is to acknowledge God and finally receive His gift of love.

Get out of your own way, open your eyes, and see God. Open your heart and feel His presence. Let go of the past and go into the future with God, together.

In other words: Discover and let yourself experience the secret that will completely solve your weight problems and all of your problems. The way to receive genuine freedom from the tyranny of your old, self-defeating behaviors is: ASK GOD FOR HELP.

* * *

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