The power of the word is real whether or not you are conscious of it. Your own words are the bricks and mortar of the dreams you want to realize. Behind every word flows energy.
-Sonia Choquette

From "Fit for God," by La Vita M. Weaver:

Proverbs 16:24: "Pleasant words are honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and healing to the bones." In other words, if you want good health, start speaking good health. Stop saying, "I can't do it." If you want to overcome the battle of the bulge, start speaking as if you will overcome the battle of the bulge. Start speaking words of life, words that are sweet to your soul and health for your body. Speak it, knowing God is there to help you achieve your goal....

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Just as positive speaking works, so does negativity. Remember, the Bible says life and death are in the power of your tongue. So you have to be careful not to let negative words proceed from your mouth. I can remember speaking negatively about my weight and myself then acting upon what I spoke. I can remember thinking, "I'm fat and I'll never lose this weight." And guess what? I stayed fat and I didn't lose the weight. It seems logical that if I thought I was fat, I would do something about it. But instead if I was disappointed with what I saw when I stepped on a scale, I'd complain and immediately grab a large bag of chips. Cheetos, cookies, cup cakes, ice cream, or all of them at one sitting. My negative attitude and the negative words I spoke from my mouth had the same power as the extra calories I ate.

I didn't begin to see positive results until I developed a more positive attitude and learned how to allow positive words to proceed from my mouth. This concept also applies to your thoughts, for the bible says as a man thinketh so he is. Begin to fill your mind with positive thoughts... Put these thoughts into your mind, and then speak them aloud:

"I know I will lose and keep it off."

"I know I will succeed."

"God is here to help me."

"My body will be fit and healthy."

"I will be set free from my bondage with food and this `body trap.'"

Although you may not feel or even believe what you are saying right away, if you keep on saying it, you will eventually believe it and act upon it...If you're having trouble fully believing, you can be honest with God and tell Him you need help. As your faith gets stronger, you will automatically begin to take the necessary steps to achieve your healthy new body.

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