If your heart is in it and your desire is sincere, you can send a healing intention, even at a distance. Here are some simple steps to give your intentions focus, ease and grace.

1. Think of a person to whom you want to send healing light. Think of the blessings you wish to send, for instance, for radiant health, for faith, for trust, for clarity, for harmony, for abundance, for inner peace, or any other quality you wish to offer. Gently ask that person's soul for permission to transmit blessings and light. As you ask inwardly, you will get a sense of whether it is okay.

2. Take a comfortable meditative posture. You can sit in a straight-backed chair with your feet planted firmly on the floor or cross legged on the floor. Either way, keep your spine straight and your palms resting on your thighs. You may also lie on a floor or bed with your spine straight and your hands gently at your side, palms up.

3. Take at least a few minutes to get centered by meditating or by watching your breath as it goes in and as it goes out. The more time you take, the quieter your mind can become and the more focus your healing intention will have.

4. Ask your inner self or a spiritual master such as the Buddha or Jesus Christ to guide you for the highest outcome.

5. Bring the person you're focusing on into your awareness again. Imagine them sitting in a lotus posture like a Buddha or standing and just imagine light all around them, getting brighter and brighter.

You may at At the same time, keep your attention on the quality that you wish them to receive. You may also send an intention with words. For instance, if you are focusing on someone named John, you may think on the in breath, "John is the pure self." On the out breath, you may think, "John is radiantly healthy." You can repeat this for as many breaths as you like. Alternatively, you may also repeat a favorite prayer for the person you're focusing on as you hold the person in the light, again for as many times as you like. If you receive inner guidance to do anything else and it feels good, please follow your guidance. For instance, you might feel moved to see light travelling through that person's body or into an area where they need a special focus for healing.

6. Thank the person you've just transmitted to and let them go. Acknowledge your own self with gratitude, as well, and any spiritual master you may have called upon. Gently come back to your normal waking consciousness. Trust that your healing intention has been transmitted and received.

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