You may think you can't taste, touch, feel, or smell subtle energy. But you're using your subtle energy all the time. The more conscious you become of it, the more you can use it to enhance your life, deal effectively with others, gain insights and create radiant health.

One way to start experiencing the subtle energy in your body is to try this simple exercise: Rub your hands together briskly so that you generate heat in your palms. Now bring the palm of one hand towards the back of your other hand. As you come close, do you feel a subtle resistance in your palm? That's your energy field. Or rub the palms of your hand together. Then separate your hands and slowly bring the palms towards each other. Do you feel resistance as you come close? Again, that's your energy field you're experiencing.

Another exercise that's fun and easy to do involves pairing up with a friend. Do a few jumping jacks or tai chi exercises or yoga poses to get your energy moving. Then, while your friend remains standing still, walk towards her with your palms extended. As you come close do you feel a subtle resistance or thickening in the air? That's the outer boundary of your friend's energy field.

Of course, subtle energy isn't just a force inside of us. It's permeating everything. Just think for a minute of how you feel when you walk into a loud, trendy restaurant. Now think of how your body feels when you walk into a church. Do you notice a difference in your body's reaction? That's how you are reacting to the ambient energy around you.

You can also feel other people's energies. In fact, you do it all the time. For instance, think of someone who makes you feel great every time you see them. Notice how you feel inside yourself as you think of this person. Now, compare that experience with the way you feel around someone who seems depressed. Does their energy "bring you down?" You are sensing each person's energy. Your best sensing mechanism for other people's energies is often your own body and emotions.

When we sense a person's energy, we are reacting to many subtle vibrations at once. Everything a person thinks and feels affects his or her "vibration" or range of subtle frequencies. In fact, thoughts and emotions are part of the spectrum of subtle energies. Also on the spectrum is what we often refer to as "spiritual" light: the higher, refined frequencies generated by prayers and acts of devotion, worship, meditation, selfless love and service. If you become very sensitive, you may even see a subtle light all around a person who does a lot of spiritual practice.

You can modulate your energy by watching the thoughts and emotions you experience. If you are having a negative emotion, such as "No one likes me," you can change it to "I love my Self" and you will automatically change your vibration. Or if you are feeling down or "blue," imagine yourself filled with white light. You may notice an immediate shift in your mood.

You can also learn a great deal about your energy just by noticing where you have pain in your body. For instance, if you have a problem with one or both of your legs, ask yourself if there's an area in your life where you don't feel supported. Of course, your body "language" is unique to you. Two people can have the same physical problem, but with somewhat different root issues. For instance, I once worked on rebalancing two people with torn hamstrung muscles in the same day. The man was literally "hamstrung" because he could no longer express his love for his ex-wife. The woman was "hamstrung" in expressing herself creatively.

If you tune into any pain you have in your body, you can ask it what it is trying to communicate to you. Stay in a state of openness, and just see what rises to the surface of your consciousness. Then contemplate it over the next few days, and see where it leads. Many times, one pain can have many different messages. But start with the first message you get. If your body is telling you to slow down, try slowing down. If your shoulders are telling you to not take the weight of the world--or your office--onto your self, try to follow the advice and see what happens.

If you can tune in to what your body is telling you, it will help you achieve or maintain radiant health. Likewise, watching the way the energy runs through your life may help you live in a state of ease and grace.