Excerpted from The Dieter's Prayer Book. Copyright 2000 by Heather Harpham Kopp. Used by permission of WaterBrook Press, Colorado Springs, CO. All rights reserved.

Dear God,

I admit that I have come to both love
and hate the word "diet."
On the one hand, it represents hope for change.
On the other hand, it's like a sign flashing "Failure ahead!"
I don't want to simply embark on another faulty plan, Lord.
I want to embark on a journey with You
that is led by You and depends on Your power.
I can do nothing on my own!
Show me the right path that will enable me to change.
Show me, as only You, who knows me so intimately, can
what works for me, what is healthy for me.
I want to think of this venture in positive terms, Lord--
not that I am signing up to be miserable or in want.
I want to learn to redirect my thinking, to feed my body
what it truly needs when it truly needs it.
And to feed my soul with the Bread of Life--You!
Today I place my future, my failures, my setbacks,
all of my hopes and plans into Your hands.
There alone will I find meaning
and true success in my life.

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