Video: Who Are You Grateful For?

Watch this "Belief on the Street" segment where people share their stories of gratitude and love for the precious people in their lives.


Prayers on Gratitude
A library of prayers for expressing thanks -- from Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Native American, and other faith traditions.

Tell a friend or loved one how grateful you are that he or she is in your life with these free E-cards.

Group Gratitude Circles

In September 2000, Beliefnet user dariaMcB started a gratitude prayer circle to give thanks for the end of the Montana fires and for cooler weather. Days later, she came back with thanks for "Sleep, the dinner Fri., Max, Accepting where I am in the moment...." It didn't take long for others to join the circle: Redd1 gave thanks "for a wonderful mother," Picturetaker96, "for the lessons learned during the death of my parents." This prayer circle is still going strong after three years.

To add your thanks to this ongoing gratitude circle, simply click on Sign In to Submit a Prayer, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

Personal Gratitude Journals

You can use our prayer circle tool to create your own personal gratitude journal, a place to list your blessings on a regular basis. Each and every day record the small and large gifts that are enriching your life. It could be a sense of well-being or an exciting challenge at work; maybe it's your children, friends, or family that grace your life.


Gratitude List
Ongoing list of what Beliefnet readers are grateful for and what positive attributes they each possess.

Gratitude Attitude
On the Wicca boards, users post short messages describing what they are grateful for.

New Gratitude Attitude
A New Thought discussion board about gratitude.

Other Gratitude Resources

How to Create a Gratefulness Practice
By Brother David Steindl-Rast

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