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Beyong Belief  Directed By: Becky Hays, Jim Holzknecht

Beyond Belief is a transformational film that explores the power of the subconscious mind and how our beliefs influence reality. Beyond Belief will take you on a journey of expanded awareness. Featuring 24 of the world's bestselling authors and leaders in science, psychology, holistic healing, mind/body energy, spirituality and creativity, this movie will move you beyond what you once thought possible and give you the tools to transform your life.

Featuring: Jack Canfield, Julia Cameron, Robert Dilts, Bob Doyle, Jonathan Ellerby, Stewart Emery, Timothy Freke, Amit Goswami, Christina Hall, David Hamilton, Maisha Hazzard, Elaine Hendrix, Tad James, Adriana James, Bruce Lipton, Brad Morris, Judith Orloff, Greta Sesheta, Marci Shimoff, Sandra Anne Taylor, James Twyman, Joe Vitale, Cheryl Ward, Darren Weissman

RUNTIME 1:19:18
PRODUCED BY: Becky Hays, Jim Holzknecht
DIRECTED BY: Becky Hays, Jim Holzknecht
NETWORK/STUDIO: Present Course Media
TAGS: about Awareness, Inner Growth, Law Of Attraction, Transformation

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