Suzanne Somers is an actress, and is using her platform to educate the public on how everyday chemicals are causing havoc on the body, eventually killing us. The same holds true for your beauty products. Toxic chemicals go into the blood stream, and our organs through our lotions, creams, shampoos, and cleansers. “If you look at our skin under a microscope what we know as pores actually look like large holes,” she said. “Now imagine putting toxic chemical lotions on that skin. Where does that end up? It seeps eventually into the bloodstream and then goes on its merry way wreaking havoc in your gastrointestinal tract and/or your precious organs and glands.” This is why she developed SUZANNE Organics. I have tried this line and I am impressed, not because I admire this woman for her convictions, but it works.

Beliefnet: Why did you decide to create organic beauty products, and why does it remain hard to have access to quality beauty products?

Suzanne Somers: Most companies cannot figure out how to make a good organic product. We found the major secret; our preservatives that are made from Japanese flowers. No harsh chemicals, nothing that is bad for the human body. We are under the greatest environmental assault in the history of humanity. It just makes sense to eliminate as many chemicals as possible in order to thrive and survive. As I explained in my book TOX-SICK, people do not understand the pathway to their new conditions such as auto immune disease, fibromyalgia, lupus, MS, or brain diseases such as ADD, ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, even bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. And then there's the big one; cancer. According to the Columbia University School of Public Health, 95 percent of all cancer is caused by diet and the environment. So it's not a mystery where it is all coming from. To me, skin care is a great place to start; my skin care is clean and toxic free. Every ingredient comes from nature; it is skin care that is good for you. When it eventually makes its way into the bloodstream, it enhances health rather than detracts from health. That's why it feels so good and so right. It's like eating a healthy meal; your body responds because it's getting what it needs. And in terms of efficacy, even though it's my product line, I have never used any other products that are as good as SUZANNE Organics. My skin looks better than it ever has and that's saying a lot at age 68.

Beliefnet: Your line is made in the U.S., why did you make that decision and not create product overseas for cheaper labor, and no animal testing (thank you).

Suzanne Somers: I believe in America and in today's economy anything we can do to provide employment for our people interests me. Secondly, making it in the United States allows me to have oversight ensuring its purity and efficacy. It's quite a beautiful story; a small town in the middle of this country, employing a good deal of this town's population. They are so involved and proud in the making of this product that every once in a while the post office (when short-handed) will call the sheriff and ask if they could do them a favor and drop off a package of supplies for the organics lab. I love that.

Beliefnet: What distinguishes SUZANNE Organics from other competitors in the organic beauty market?

Suzanne Somers: SUZANNE Organics has no chemical preservatives. We use sea algae that comes from tested waters, we only use products that are clean and uncontaminated. In order to obtain the "toxic free" insignia, you must follow very strict guidelines; it must be grown organically, extracted organically, and nothing upwind or downwind of the product can be toxic to contaminate it. This is a tall assignment that we are able to fulfill with every one of our products. Using SUZANNE Organics gives you peace of mind. If I had a small baby, I would use these products, as there are no chemicals and no toxins. The most popular baby products and lotions have as one of their main ingredients sodium laureth sulfate, a chemical. Imagine taking a little baby and rubbing good smelling chemicals on it. It doesn't make sense.

Beliefnet: What has frustrated you the most about the cosmetic industry?

Suzanne Somers: Name-brand cosmetics romance the consumer with promises. They can't and wouldn't mention the high percentage of chemicals in their products because then the consumer would give it a second thought as to whether or not they would want to use this or that cream. Here's some basic chemistry; in order to make cream, you've got to mix oil and water. We know from our chemistry classes these two substances don't mix, so in order to create a cream, they have to denature the water (a chemical process which dries it out). When you use creams that have been made from denatured chemical water, the drying process keeps on keeping on. That is why creams need to be applied and reapplied. Good for business but bad for our health. Because SUZANNE Organics does not use this chemical process of denatured water, putting one of our lotions on once a day is sufficient; there's no drying process, just a constant moisturizing of “good for you” ingredients.