smellA good mood is a great way to seize the day. However, how do you protect your good mood from all of the negative things that go on in the world? The answer is very simple – you create boundaries that protect your energetic spirit from being tainted by the traffic jam, the late wake-up call or even the last minute deadline.

Boundaries act as a barrier. When you’re unable to take on anymore, then you reference your boundaries and those elements work to keep you sane. Each person is unique and is composed with a different structure. You’ll find that setting boundaries is a process because you have to try things out before you know whether or not you can handle more or need to cut back.

First things first, set a no BS standard. If you run into a problem, equip yourself with the tools to name the issue at hand. Once an issue is defined, you’ll discover that it’s already half way to being resolved. Then map out the solution. Here’s the key to resolving a problem that comes your way – you have to be willing to come up with multiple avenues of resolution and not be afraid when one path doesn’t work. And during the acknowledgment and resolution process, it’s imperative that you don’t dwell on a situation. Instead tackle the ordeal head on and then move on. You’ll find that negative people usually harbor their feelings and do not resolve issues until they are deemed unbearable.

Protecting a good mood also requires an individual to actively participate in life. Set your standards high for yourself and vow to continuously strive for bigger and better. You’ll find that people who have high ambition levels will succeed and excel in life because they don’t settle. Moreover, being an active participant in your life means that you are willing to get up and live the life to its fullest. Believe it or not, being a go getter will give you the confidence and power to take down anything that comes in your way and tries to steal your good mood.

Another way you can protect your good mood is by doing good for others. Be a genuine person and give back to society. Strive to touch one person’s life each day and you’ll find that your personality will grow and cultivate a great deal of love. Setting the standard of being a good person is crucial to your existence and will be one of the biggest elements to maintaining your good mood. By completing acts of kindness and good will you’ll discover your biggest defense against negativity – your heart. The philanthropic acts you complete will allow your boundaries to grow and become indestructible.

Even though you want to create a good atmosphere and ultimately a better place, you want to also be cautious about the people that you let into your life. Always be on the lookout for toxic people that seek out individuals who possess a positive outlook on life. Don’t allow these people to rob your happiness with their lethal attitudes. Build your boundaries so you can identify good and bad natured people. It’s important to recognize the outcomes that can be derived from continuously socializing with negative people. In many cases, you’ll lose a piece of yourself in the process if you’re not careful.

The phrase you can catch more bees with honey is very true and stands true when it comes to living life with a positive outlook. Boundaries are crucial to discovering and sustaining a good mood. If you’re willing to set up boundaries you’ll live a much happier and fulfilled life.

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