To health advocate and “Dancing with the Stars” competitor, Suzanne Somers—this is personal. Her husband was diagnosed with Pre-Parkinson’s twice, and Somers was diagnosed with cancer through her body. What doctors discovered was Somers had fungus in her lungs that read like cancer. Her husband, Alan, also was suffering from the black mold in the house, and other pollutants. The family reclaimed their health by detoxing, and living a greener life. Somers examines the assault on our bodies daily from exposure to chemical toxins that range from paints to plastics in our homes and in our environments in her book, TOX-SICK. She is right.  

For example: Wondering why you can’t lose weight? It’s not the calories, it’s the chemicals, Somers explains in this ground-breaking book. To keep toxins and chemicals away from precious organs and glands, the body stores them in our fat cells-- the more toxins you ingest/are exposed to, the more fat you need to store them.

The vibrant, and inspiring actress explains to Beliefnet, how to survive in a toxic world, and more.

Beliefnet: Why are you so passionate about helping others regain their health?

Suzanne Somers: I am witnessing the absence of wisdom from our seniors. Most of them are so pilled up, they can’t remember names or dates or places they’ve visited and they sure do not share any wisdom since that element that used to come naturally to seniors, is gone. I want to share what I know and how I live with others who are hoping to enjoy a long and healthy life.

Beliefnet: What are the biggest lies we believe about toxins, our food, and how the environment influences our health?

Suzanne: The biggest lies are that the small amounts of poison in our foods and water, in the air, our carpeting, our furniture, our babies’ cribs, etc., etc., are so small, there is nothing to worry about. Believe me, we should all worry…a lot. Renowned brain surgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock told me that the average person is ingesting what he describes as a half to full teaspoon of rat poison every day. Think about that and worry!!

Beliefnet: What practical ways do you detox, and how can our readers do the same?

Suzanne: Read “TOX-SICK,” my newest book that describes in great detail my detox formula, including a coconut oil cleanse. It’s work to stay healthy, but a lot more work to be sick.

Beliefnet: When did you decide to take charge of your health?

Suzanne: Fifteen years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I turned down chemo and the harsh drugs and decided to eat like my life depended on it and go on Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez’s detox program. I eat only organic food and grow much of it myself. I’m encouraging people to go organic and avoid GMOs, genetically modified foods. I am opening the Suzanne Somers Organic Spa Café and the Suzanne Somers Spa at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. I will be performing there for 28 weeks over the course of the next year and have provided a way for health seekers to eat clean fresh organic food, enjoy all the skin care, hair care and color cosmetics from my SUZANNE Organics cosmetics line and then catch my show. We open May 23rd and you can check my Las Vegas appearance calendar at This is the only hotel in Las Vegas that recognizes our underserved demographic of those folks who want to eat organic and live a healthy life.

Beliefnet: What really inspires and encourages you regarding your health, and life?

Suzanne: I have great love in my life…my husband, my children, and my grandchildren. I also love my work. I want to stay healthy to enjoy all of this as long as possible. So, I have a formula I live by with no drugs, lots of supplements determined by blood test at and my coterie of doctors from who specialize in my kind of medicine.

Beliefnet: When preparing for “Dancing with the Stars,” what do you do to increase energy, and maintain a healthy mindset?

Suzanne: I did nothing extra to prepare for “DWTS” although I did wear my energy patches from LifeWave every day. I agreed to do it, so that my readers could see that this 68-year-old woman can easily keep up with the 20 year olds on the show…and that’s exactly what I did. I work 12 hours a day, often seven days a week, and have no intention of retiring or even slowing down. It all agrees with me.