Wholetones Ad Buy ImageMusic is a powerful force. The late Robin Williams described music best as, “God’s little reminder that there’s something else besides us in the universe; harmonic connection between all living beings, everywhere, even the stars.”

No matter what culture you’re from, there’s a form of music that speaks to the soul and resonates with your spirit. And that is exactly what Michael Tyrrell discovered when his mother fell ill. Tyrrell was always passionate about music but during a trip in Jerusalem he met a Christian piano player, named David who performed Christian songs of worship in a Jewish Orthodox coffee house. When David finished playing, he handed manuscript copies of the psalms and told Tyrrell that he would know what to do with them. After reviewing the psalms, Tyrrell realized that the tones were in a different key and after analyzing the manuscript Tyrrell was able to translate the works into modern musical tones and afterwards he began experimenting with several other tones and frequencies.

The revelation assisted Tyrrell in developing Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project. And soon those healing properties would hit Tyrrell even closer to home and change his and others views on the power of music forever.

In 2005, doctors detected a lump near Tyrell's mothers' pancreas. Doctors estimated that Tyrrell’s mother would have to endure a four hour surgery to remove the potential tumor. Tyrrell and his wife were by his mother’s side during the entire process. In addition, Tyrrell brought along his guitar and the night before she had her operation he played in the 741Hz frequency and placed the guitar, while playing, on the distal portion of her pancreas.

His mother recounted the experience by saying:

"Michael felt like the Lord would have him play his guitar over me and I was more than willing. He said for me just to close my eyes – and I did – As I did that, I don't remember...I asked him how long afterwards how long did he play and he said approximately 20 minutes I don't remember that at all-all I remember is when I closed my eyes, probably 2 or 3 minutes after my eyes were closed I could see this...this thing...this black, round looking thing with tentacles and I just kept my eyes closed and as he played and played that mass that I assumed was what they'd seen on their diagnostic test in me, is what I was seeing in my mind's eye. It began to fade. And it got less and less dark. Less and less and all of the sudden – everything went green. And it was the brightest green I ever saw in my life. And I said I'm healed."

When the doctor’s took Tyrrell’s mother in for surgery, they were astonished and after 45 minutes the surgeon proclaimed that there was no cancer and everything was clear. Nine years later, Tyrrell’s mother is still tumor free.

Tyrrell believes that these healing frequencies were passed down to King David from by God himself. And through natural happenings the divine intervention was placed into Tyrrell’s hands because he knew what to do and the true capability. Tyrrell has entered the studio and recorded these tuned frequencies, in hopes that they will provide comfort to others and save lives. “When we started playing, we all simultaneously felt the hand of God guide us through each song…in the end, it’s the healing frequencies that matter – the music is merely the vehicle.”

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