Supermodel Carol Alt’s body was in need of repair. Gracing the covers of magazines, and fame was not enough when there is a lack of sleep, eating healthy, working long hours, and living on coffee and sugar.

Today it’s not about survival like it was two decades ago, but living. In her 20s, Alt believed her body could take the mornings of Scotch coffee, alcohol, sugar, not eating, sleeping, and over taking antacids without repercussions.

The moment of clarity happened in her thirties during s shoot in the Amazon when a younger model was preferred. Alt was tired, felt bloated, and her hair was brittle. “I felt like a blob,” the 54-year-old wrote in A Healthy You.

She hid behind rocks so people wouldn’t notice her belly.

A photographer also told the cover model that she was not in shape for the shoot.

Later, a friend called Alt. He was concerned about her health and encouraged her to make a change. She connected with Dr. Timothy Brantley,a naturopathic doctor—and changed her life.

He recommended to eat a raw diet of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and not  to cook anything over 115 degrees.

Her body started to recover and heal itself. We hear a lot about celebrities moving to a raw diet, but what is it really? A raw diet is natural, unprocessed, and in an uncooked state. It consists of dehydrated fruits, vegetables, nuts, sprouts, and fish.

“When I first went raw 17 years ago, you couldn't get a raw snack, you couldn't get a raw olive, so I made most of my own foods,” said the host "A Healthy You & Carol Alt" on Fox News Channel.

Although she is armed with information, some doctors dismissed this alternative lifestyle, but Alt can battle it with any health expert.

There is a lot of misinformation out there and after talking to health experts.

“There are many choices and changes that you can make to impact your life,” the native New Yorker explained.

“I make my choices out of education, not desperation. When you feed your body the best you can and your body is functioning optimally, it’s able to defend itself against all kinds of aggressors, whether it’s stress, bad air, bad food, bad water, or whatever it is. We can’t control a lot of that. But the one thing we can absolutely control 100 percent of the time is the food we put into our bodies.”

Alt wants to help you, and with three lifestyle books, and her recent release, A Healthy You—anyone can make the change with her practical tips.

Not only will you get educated, take control of your life, but will just adore this humble, funny and amazing woman.

Here are Carol’s tips on getting started, if eating raw freaks you out.

• Replace chips with kale or vegetable chips.

• Replace soda with raw coconut water or KeVita

• Replace your sweets with fruit leather, it has the texture of candy and won’t spike you blood sugar

• Try raw cookie dough can be made with almond flour, honey, dates, and vanilla.

• Eat as close to nature as possible

Asked about what inspires her, Alt said the testimonies she hears from people, and how she could make a difference in their lives, “that inspires, me.” That’s a true supermodel. Click here for more information.

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