Some of my friends have probably noticed that I’ve been grumpy lately. And overwhelmed. And irritable. And some things have been falling through the cracks. I’ve also been feeling guilty. And I’ve been trying to do too many things at once. And I’ve made some mistakes. And I acted in a way that hurt someone’s feelings.

In short, I’ve been a mess lately. I’ve been very human. How do I get back on track? How do I reclaim that part of myself that is peaceful and wise and kind and in the flow?

If you’ve been reading my blogs, you know the things that work for me, and if you’re wise, you can probably guess that I haven’t been doing them. And you’d be right.

I’ve fallen off the track. I’ve let go of doing the very things that help keep me balanced. Over and over I find myself doing this when I’m very busy, away from home, and/or traveling. I notice it’s harder for me to claim some personal space when I’m visiting with others. But that’s no excuse. It’s when I’m traveling or very busy that those spiritual practices become most essential!

I told my roommate a few weeks ago that if she noticed me being irritable or down, she should ask me if I’ve been outside yet today. She should ask me if I’ve said my prayers.

I stayed over at some friends’ home last night and just now I walked out into their backyard and communed with the flowers, the birds, the butterflies, the bees. I sang some prayers. And, true to form, I found my joy again.

What brings you back to center? What brings you into a place of joy again?

I had a friend who told me that when kids are grumpy, you should “just add water.” In other words, put them in a pool or spray them with a sprinkler. What a great idea!

So here are some suggestions for when you are out of sorts and want to feel sorted out again:

Take a bath.

Play some really wonderful music.


Get a massage.

Take a walk and look at the flowers.

Count your blessings.

Pet a purring cat.

Eat some good food and drink some good water.

Make a date with a friend.

Do some chanting or singing or praying.

Skip.(It’s pretty much impossible to feel down if you skip.)

Swing on a swing.

Get your hands in the earth and do some gardening.

Take the day off.

May you find your joy. May you find your peace.

Blessed be.

For more from Cynthia Greb, visit her blog Blessings Abound.

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