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A cord is an energetic connection that is created between two people who have an emotional connection to one another. The cord allows for energy to exchange between two people. The deeper the connection, the stronger the cord. We are corded with our spouse, partner, children, parents, siblings and friends. But we also have cords with neighbors, co-workers, acquaintances and old loves. Have you ever randomly thought of someone only to have them call you later that day? You intuitively felt them tug on the energetic cord between you two when they thought of calling you. Have you ever had a friend pop into your mind and when you call them, it turns out they were having a hard day and needed to talk to you? You were feeling their energy through the cord.

Most of these cords are healthy with a nice even energy flowing between the cords. But when you’re in a relationship that is toxic, the cord becomes a problem. A narcissist or negative person can use the cord subconsciously to drain your energy. If they think a negative thought about you or gossip, you will feel this through the cord. When the exchange of energy is imbalanced, your cord becomes muddy and your energy can get blocked. If someone is obsessing over you and not letting you go, this will deplete your energy. You might think of them and wonder why you can’t stop remembering these painful times. You might feel their emotions through the cord.

Signs that you might be negatively corded to someone:

  1. You feel strong emotions toward the person you’re corded with. In healthy relationships, these emotions are joyful and loving. In toxic relationships, these emotions are anger, fear, anxiety and sadness.
  2. The person pops into your mind frequently. You might dream of this person or bump into each other in town. They will call you soon after you think of them.
  3. You might get a headache or stomachache when you’re around this person.
  4. You feel tired after being around this person.
  5. You have a hard time letting go of the past with this individual and can’t seem to move on.

We can also have cords to aspects of ourselves that are old and in the past. If you’ve walked away from a bad habit or way of thinking, you can still have a cord to this side of you that still craves this bad habit or continues to think negatively. It’s important to cut these cords too.

Cords are created between ourselves and memories. If you feel triggered by a painful memory, you can do a Cord Cutting Meditation to begin to sever the emotional pain connected to the memory.

Cutting cords is a simple process that involves guided imagery. You need to sit or lie down in a quiet place where you’ll be undisturbed. Imagine you and the person you’re corded with standing in front of each other. Mentally scan your energy and ask to see the cords that connect you both. Cords might appear as ropes, chains, threads, sewer pipes, hoses, hooks, or plugs. The length, color, shape, size and texture will be different for each cord.

Cords can hook into our energy anywhere on our body such as our head, ankles or shoulders, but most cords tend to congregate along our torso especially on the back and in our stomach. Cords usually line up with our chakras. If someone is trying to take your power at work, for example, there might be a cord in your Solar Plexus chakra. If a partner has broken our heart, there might be a cord at the heart chakra.

Visualize yourself holding this cord and ask if it has a message for you. What purpose, what lesson, is this relationship teaching you? After you’ve been able to visualize the cord existing between you and the other person, hold out your dominant hand and imagine a cord cutting tool appearing there. It could be a pair of scissors, shears or a sword. Visualize yourself cutting this cord. Check to see if anything spills out of the cord. Visualize any residue in your energy from the cut cord dissolving and disappearing entirely.

See yourself surrounded in a thick layer of gold light to seal in your aura. Visualize the other person walking away until you can longer see them. Feel your energy filling with bright, loving white light.

If you have a hard time visualizing the cord cutting, ask your angel to come and help you. Many call on Archangel Michael to come with his mighty sword and help cut these cords. You can call on your spirit guide, guardian angel, an arch angel or a loved one in heaven to help you with the cord cutting.

You can also hold Black Kyanite during the meditation process. Black Kyanite helps protect our energy and severs unwanted ties. After you’ve completed the cord cutting, journal any emotions or memories that come to the surface.

When you cut a cord to someone, they will feel it without knowing why. You might hear from them. Often a negative person will try to placate you once a cord has been cut. Sometimes they will try to anger you. Any reaction will re-cord you to this person so do your best to ignore these attempts. Anger and fear will re-attach a cord. This is why you can’t do a cord cutting visualization once and think the cord is severed forever. You must repeat this process until the toxic person, memory and emotion are completely gone. Luckily, cord cutting is easy once you get the hang of it. When you can observe and recognize the abuse without experiencing the sadness, you are free.

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