kitchen ease The kitchen is a place where everyone should feel comfortable and at ease. You have control over everything – calories, the way food is prepared, portion sizes and additions or omissions.

Every kitchen should be equipped with:

· a set of good knives

· measuring cups and spoons

· herbs and spices - a great way to add flavor with calories

· a hand chopper – will help speed prep time

· anti-bacterial soap.

Since you are in calorie control, use non-stick pans so that you can decrease the amount of fat and oil that you use for cooking. Using a non-stick pan and cooking spray, rather than butter, can save you up to 34 calories. Another way to reduce calories is to use lean meats that have less fat when cooking meals.

Don’t feel like turning on the oven but still want to eat healthy – then use the microwave. When a microwave cooks items, it steams it. Steaming is a healthy way to cook because you do not lose the essential vitamins. Not to mention, steaming is much healthier than frying.

Microwaves prepare meals quickly, which is a must when you’ve had a long day at work and do not feel like slaving over a stove. Or if you have leftovers, a microwave is a great way to reheat meals conveniently. A microwave utilizes less energy than an oven which will save on your energy-bill and time.

Sanitation is a huge aspect to consider when you’re cooking. Use two cutting boards in your kitchen, one for meat and the other for fruits and vegetables. Having two boards will help prevent food borne illnesses from spreading. Bacteria can find crevices on plastic cutting boards and spread. Throw away your kitchen sponge because it is probably harboring a ton of bacteria. Use a dish rag to wash dishes and wipe messes instead because you can simply throw it in the wash after each use.

Organize your kitchen so that it best fits your needs. Store items, that you use on a daily basis, in lower cabinets and other items that you use less frequently in higher cabinets.

The kitchen can be your sanctuary if you take the time to organize and equip your cooking space.

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