Barbara Martin hopes this book will inspire you to new spiritual heights; a miraculous spiritual force operates in the midst of us.

Although invisible to physical sensing, it is vividly alive and active. It is a part of us and we are a part of it. This force is known as the human energy field—the aura. In the following pages, we’ll explore what the auric field is and how to improve it by working with spiritual energy. This book is designed to be a hands‑on training manual in how you may work with the aura to improve the quality of your life. It introduces a powerful meditation tool for accessing an unlimited source of spiritual power that is simple and easy to follow.

The depth of activity that goes on within each of us, unseen by the physical eyes, is truly amazing. For anyone who has studied this subject, it becomes clear that there is far more to the unseen part of life than there is to the seen. It is my hope that this book will give you a greater knowledge of yourself, who you really are, and your unlimited potential as a spiritual being.

Every spiritual process described here has been experienced through my own direct clairvoyant observations. I was born with the gift of spiritual sight. From early childhood, I could see auras, and I had countless other spiritual visions as well. These experiences have always seemed normal. As a matter of fact, when I was very young, I assumed that everyone saw what I did. It was a rude awakening when I found out that they didn’t.

Clairvoyance (from the French, for “clear seeing”) is the ability to observe the normally invisible spiritual processes of life. I was about three years old when my spiritual sight opened to the beautiful world of auras. I began by seeing them around people and things. Though I had little comprehension of what I was seeing, I remember watching the auras around my parents and siblings and noticing how the colors would change according to their moods and actions. I remember taking trips into the country and seeing the auras around trees and f lowers and thinking how beautiful life is. And how God must be everywhere.

I had an experience when I was about four years old that taught me an important lesson about my abilities. My father was a Greek Orthodox priest who had wonderful engineering skills as well. The archdiocese would send him to various towns to build a church and then build up a congregation. He did this in many places around the country, always with great success. As a result, our family constantly moved, which wasn’t always easy on us. I had three brothers and two sisters. Living on a priest’s salary was quite a feat in those days, especially considering that we moved so often. How my mother was able to keep us happy and well cared for could be a book in itself—she did a wonderful job.

One day, we all went to the dedication of a new church. It was a major event, and our family was a big part of it. The archbishop had come from the Archdiocese of New York. There were thousands of people. The archbishop stood very regal, resplendent in his tiara and cross before the altar. Beside him, to his right and left, were two bishops who were officiating with him. I studied the aura of the archbishop and found his energy field to be menacing. Instead of brilliant, uplifting colors, he had dark, grotesque colors emanating from him. However, the bishop to his right, who was lower in rank, had a very beautiful aura with striking pearl luster colors.

In the Greek Orthodox faith, it is customary to kiss the hand of the officiating archbishop, priest, or bishop. When it was our turn to go down the aisle and kiss the hand of the archbishop, I refused. My mother insisted. In front of the whole congregation, I screamed, “No, he’s a monster! He eats children!” Needless to say, my mother took me out and gave me a good spanking.

So I learned that this gift could be a curse as well as a blessing. Who wants to see ugly energies around someone—especially a family member or loved one? I learned to keep quiet about what I saw and to shut off these gifts when I needed to, so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed.

In my teens, I learned that it was possible not only to observe the aura, but to change and improve it. I also became aware that I was not alone in this process, that I was being helped by beings from the spirit world. From childhood, I could see them, but as I grew older, they were making their presence much more known to me.

In my twenties, I embarked on a training program with these celestial beings, who instructed me in many facets of the spiritual world. This training eventually led to my becoming a teacher of metaphysics, including most of the principles imparted in this book. I also had an important spiritual teacher in the physical world who taught me and helped prepare me for the rigors of teaching.

When it came time for me to begin my professional work, I hesitated. I was working at an insurance company at the time, a single mother supporting two children, and this spiritual work seemed like a risky venture, even though I knew its value. I also knew how much responsibility was involved in being a spiritual teacher and wasn’t sure I was up to the task. However, I was prompted—in the most unusual of ways—by many who saw that I had something to offer. By the time I was in my early thirties, I had given up my job and begun teaching metaphysics full-time. I’ve been teaching ever since.

Your Spiritual Bank Account

Imagine a bank account in your name with unlimited cash reserves awaiting your use. First you’d say it was impossible, but if you saw the account and were actually able to make a cash advance, things would change, wouldn’t they? Right now, you have the ability to tap an unlimited, spiritual reservoir of energy that can help you in every aspect of your life. Think of it as your spiritual bank account. Need more love in your life? Bring in the energy that is the embodiment of love. Looking for new inspiration? Call on the energy that inspires new ideas. How about more prosperity? Draw in the very power that manifests wealth. This spiritual account of living light is far more valuable than any cash account could ever be, and nothing is asked of you other than to use it.

This gift from God is one of the essential keys to developing a better life. By tapping into this spiritual account, you can greatly quicken your personal and spiritual progress. You can produce what you want faster, solve personal problems more effectively, and be able to help others to a greater degree.

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