It helps you know where things are.

When organizing you might find an uncashed check, jewelry, gifts and other items that you missed. There have been plenty of items people found that they thought were taken or lost. One friend found a diamond trinket in the corner of a room behind stacked boxes. One never knows what you will find, and this might prompt you to become more organized.

With schedules being so cramped, organizing our lives takes a backseat. By minimizing our material things and cleaning up our clutter, we can transform our happiness and our overall wellness. Being organized doesn't have to be an ambiguous thing, nor does it have to be a grave concept. Messy places and workspaces seem innocent, but a disorganized space creates too many problems in the long run. Develop a habit of folding laundry when it's ready, unpack the dishwasher promptly and tackle small tasks like vacuuming the living room when you see something on the floor. Using small bursts of energy towards tasks will make you more productive instead of spending an entire day dedicated to one thing and we know this only constitutes even more procrastination.