Dr. Aaron TaborAaron Tabor, MD, is a diet and nutrition expert and author. He created the Slim & Beautiful® Diet to help his mother cope with the health challenges of midlife, including an expanding waistline. The dramatic turnaround he witnessed in his mother’s health made him passionate about giving others the knowledge and resources to live a life they’ll love.

Dr. Tabor educates other physicians about diet and lifestyle research as the Diet & Alternative Medicine Section Editor for The Journal of Medicine. He has authored numerous books, papers, and patents in the fields of medicine and nutrition. His recent book “Nutritional Cosmetics: Beauty from Within” is the first medical textbook on “inside-out makeover” science—foods and supplements to make you look younger from the inside out. He also wrote “Dr. Tabor's Slim & Beautiful Diet” and “FIGHT NOW: Eat & Live Proactively Against Breast Cancer.”

He is the founder of Gene Facelift, a Johns Hopkins' biotech spin-off, developing anti-wrinkle drugs. Gene Facelift’s drug technology is designed to boost damaged skin DNA in order to heal wrinkles and reverse the aging process.

Dr. Tabor graduated from The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He is single and lives in Winston-Salem, N.C. When not working on a new medical discovery, Dr. Tabor enjoys cooking, jet skiing and spending time with his two dogs. His favorite charities to support are Feed the Children and Mothers Supporting Daughters with Breast Cancer.

You can learn more about his weight-loss philosophy and weight-loss system by visiting DrTabor.com.


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